Will Eren Yeager Activate Rumbling in Attack on Titan: Final Season?

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Attack on Titan
Will Eren Yeager Activate Rumbling in Attack on Titan?

Remember the day when the Colossal Titan showed up before Wall Maria like a God of Destruction? We surely couldn’t think of anything that dreadful. Now that the series is nearing its end, We are fearing for something that’s far worse than the catastrophe at Shighanshina. Yes, I am talking about the inevitable Rumbling that Willy Tybur tried warning everyone about in his dying speech. Will Eren Yeager, the current inheritor of the Founding Titan, activate Rumbling?

Spoiler Ahead

Bertholdt’s Colossal titan alone was more than enough to shake the foundation of Paradis forces. Now imagine what an army of Colossal Titans can do to the world. If this really happens, Eren, whom we thought of as the protagonist, will become far worse than any of the antagonists we have seen in the series so far. Moreover, what justification will he give to his insanity? Here’s everything to know. The article consists of major spoilers from the manga, so read accordingly.

Why did Eren Reject Zeke’s Euthanasia Plan?

Zeke risked his life on the line time and time again to make his Euthanasia plan work. Even after getting shot twice by the anti-titan artillery, he somehow crawled to reach Eren. He was ready to sacrifice the future generations of the Eldia, and maybe that was the most peaceful way of ending this cycle of hatred. However, to Zeke’s dispair, Eren rejected his ideology and bluntly stated that Zeke was nothing but a tool for him to get his hands into the powers of the Founding Titan.

Attack on Titan
Eren Yeager in the Coordinate

Through his tragic life, Eren had realized that one must fight in order to survive. With his ‘Tatakae’ mindset, he can’t even think of a plan this cowardly and messed up. Rather, he preferred the idea of destroying everything outside the wall to save his homeland. He didn’t want any other Eldian to share the same fate with him but was okay with millions of human deaths outside the wall. Zeke lost in a tug of war over Ymir, thereby granting the entire authority to Eren.

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Will Eren Activate Rumbling? What Effects Will That Have?

Yes, to everyone’s horror, Eren will activate Rumbling in Attack on Titan: Final Season. At least that’s what happened in the original manga, and anime is expected to follow the same storyline. Moreover, the new opening and the ending theme songs gave us more than enough hints about the upcoming Rumbling.

Attack on Titan
Wall Titans freed after Rumbling activation

With a single command, Eren broke free the hundreds of Colossal Titans that comprised the Walls of Paradis. Not only that, Armored Titan‘s armor broke apart, and crystal imprisoning Annie cracked, thereby waking her up from the seemingly eternal sleep. The army of Colossal Titan marched across the ocean and went to destroy almost 80% of the world’s population.

Why Did Eren Activate Rumbling? What Was Eren’s True Motive?

As I said, Eren wished to sacrifice the outside world as a cost for saving Paradis. However, if that was the case, Eren would have eventually succeeded in doing so. Come on, he had the powers of the Founding Titan, and yet he allowed Armin and the other surviving members of the 104th Training Corps to act independently. He could have simply altered their memories or turned them into Titans, but he didn’t.

Attack on Titan
Eren Yeager chose to be a villain

If I remember correctly, Eren vowed to leave behind a safer world for his friends. With the horrible reputation of the Eldians infilled into the people’s hearts, there’s no way of establishing a war-free world for Eldia. So, he took it upon himself to shoulder the sin of massacring the world and becoming the apocalypse-level threat that unites the world into one. As he told in his final conversation, he wanted his friends to kill him to stop the catastrophe. In other words, he wanted his friends to be the heroes to save the world from him, thereby granting them a safe future.

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