Will Dot Pyxis Die in Attack Titan?

Did Dot Pyxis die?
Commander Pyxis

Dot Pyxis was the Garrison Regiment’s commander of the southern territory of Paradis. He was a bald man and had a wrinkled forehead with a determined look. He was the one who prevented Eren from getting executed, along with Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Will Dot Pyxis die in Attack on Titan? The mangaka (author of Attack of Titan manga) received a lot of death threats due to controversy in 2010 when the readers of his work realized that Dot Pyxis was actually inspired by a real-life person who was a general in the Japanese Army called Yoshifuru Akiyama. The fans were triggered when he mentioned in a blog that they respected his simple lifestyle because Akiyama had colonized South Korea.

Attack on Titan is one of the best-selling mangas as well as a pretty famous anime that sold like hotcakes on streaming websites. All the four seasons were binge-able and quite ‘the’ rollercoaster! Every turn reveals a new secret. What started from a child’s wish to see a large water body called sea turned into some genocide-filled Hitler as well as World War II inspired anime which features a Dystopian World. Dot Pyxis may not be one of the main characters but he played a huge role in recognizing Eren’s skills as a Titan. Let’s see if Dot Pyxis dies at the end of Shingeki No Kyojin or not!!

Will Dot Pyxis Die in Attack Titan?

Yes, Dot Pyxis will die in Attack on Titan. Dot Pyxis was a Paradis military commander who was responsible for Trost. Sadly, he was one of the people who drank Zeke’s spinal fluid and, therefore, became vulnerable to become a pure titan.

Eventually, the Beast Titan (Zeke) transformed him to hold off his Marleyan soldiers. After Eren began the Rumbling, the pure titans had no further instructions, so they began to attack. Then, Armin Arlert had no choice but to kill him in that crisis.

Will Dot Pyxis die?
Commander Pyxis

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What kind of a person was he?

Pyxis was a very eccentric man. He said he would not mind being eaten by a beautiful Titan when Wall Rose was invaded. He always had a calm and light-hearted demeanor. He understood the strife and suffering of others. Pyxis was an effective leader who convinced the soldiers to continue fighting to retake Trost. He was an amazing strategist and was able to control the crisis. Pyxis is also widely known to take risks, and that’s why he trusted Eren Jaeger to block the wall so that the titans couldn’t enter anymore. Dot said that the idea of giving up on the war against Titans made him feel sick. He was insistent on saving humanity from this pain. He always made smart and strategic choices. For example, putting Ian Dietrich in charge of the elite squads for protecting Eren proved to be a wise move.

Pyxis stopped Woermann from giving the command to fire again

Eren was sentenced to death when the soldiers of Paradis discovered that Eren Jaeger could transform into a Titan. Pyxis happened to be passing by when he heard Armin’s speech in which he said that Eren’s titan could save them and vouched for the tactical benefits that Eren could bring to the battle.

Pyxis resolved Eren’s transformation matter by saying he would like to see the proof in Eren’s basement. He called up his staff officers to start the plan. However, the Garrison was low on manpower and motivation after the evacuation. They were in no condition to fight again, and many soldiers attempted to mutiny to spend the little time they had left with their families.

Dot Pyxis death
Commander Pyxis and Eren

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What happens to Pyxis Before His Death?

Pyxis wanted to abduct Eren and take the Founding Titan from him. Zeke activated his scream from the Titan Forest. Pyxis suffered a reaction because of the Marleyan wine, which was spiked with Zeke’s spinal fluid. Pyxis realized that Zeke had caught them during the Marleyan surprise attack on Shiganshina District.

When most of the military’s officials had fallen into Zeke’s trap, even more soldiers began to join the Jaegerists. Pyxis criticized Yelena for adopting the same practices of oppression that Marley used on subjects of Ymir. He claimed that she would only create more enemies for herself. Marley soon successfully launched their surprise attack on Paradis Island. Very soon, Eren transformed to take on the Jaw Titan. Soon, Zeke (Beast Titan) transformed him into a pure titan so that they could hold off the Marleyan Soldiers. But later, he was killed off by Armin Arlert and met his end. He was a persuasive and assertive man who was a war genius yet enjoyed drinking wine as a hobby.

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