Will Dandadan Manga Be Adapted Into An Anime?

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Will Dandadan Manga Adapt Into An Anime?
Dandadan anime adaptation

Manga and anime are two things that sometimes divide the fandom into two parts. Manga vs Anime also remains at the center of lots of discussion among fans. Many even argue and quarrel on this simple topic. Since every individual has their own perspective of liking things so we won’t go in deep into this particular keyword. In this article, we will talk about a certain manga that has never been adapted into an anime that still gained a lot of attention from fans worldwide. Dandadan manga has been garnering quite an audience, but the question is, will it get an anime?

Dandadan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yukinobu Tatsu. The manga was serialized in Shueisha’s shonen jump back in August 2021 and had three chapters. The plot of the manga is very basic yet unusual. The story revolves around a schoolgirl, Momo Ayase, who believes in the existence of Ghosts but not in aliens, while her classmate Okarun believes in aliens but not in the existence of Ghosts. One day, they both decided to investigate their fantasies and separately visited places that are famous for occult and supernatural activities. As they investigated, they eventually found that both were right on their stand and acknowledged the existence of Ghosts and Aliens.

Will Dandadan Be Adapted Into An Anime?

This section is totally based on the author’s personal opinions, and your perspective might differ. Dandadan manga has sold too many copies worldwide since its release date and becoming massively popular across the world. The story is fascinating and simple yet based on the fantasies of many people. The story is very entertaining and filled with lots of twists and mysteries. After the release of its English version, Dandadan became even more popular and earned a lot of attention. The series has huge potential to adapt into an anime, and we believe that sooner or later, Dandadan will definitely get adapted into an anime. It’s just a matter of time.

It may be possible that the process has already been started, and maybe paperwork is going on between possible producers and manga officials. The series has the potential to become one of the best anime of the season, just like Jujutsu Kaisen and Meiruko Chan.


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Characters In Dandadan

There are lots of interesting characters in the Dandadan series. Momo Ayase, the major protagonist, is a high school girl who believes in the existence of ghost but denies the fact that aliens even exists. Later in the series, she starts loving Okarun. Ken Takakura, aka Okarun, is a shy boy from the same school as Ayase. He tries to connect with Ayase as they both have the same interest. Okarun is a guy who believes in the existence of aliens but denies the fact of the existence of ghosts.

Seiko is the grandmother of Momo and a spirit medium. She helped Ayase and saved her from dangerous and powerful spirits. Turbo-Granny is a mysterious being who takes the form of a sinister old lady. She is the one who is very egoistic and wants to kill anyone who enters her territory. Seiko seals her spirit at the end of the manga. Aira Shiratori is from the same school as Okarun and Ayase. She considers herself as a chosen one and wants to protect the world from ghosts and supernatural beings. Jin Enjoji is Momo’s first friend. His house becomes haunted by evil spirits. With the help of Ayase and Seiko, his house becomes normal again. He is a cool character with a lot of potential to be liked by people.

Will Dandadan Manga Adapt Into An Anime?

Where To Read Dandadan Manga?

There are many platforms that let us read Dandadan manga, but the most popular and recommended platform is Viz. You can read various manga on the same platform at a very affordable price. There are many manga that you can read free of cost apart from Dandadan. This is the official and legal way to read manga and support creators to continue doing the good work.

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