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Will Daichi Die In Haikyuu!!? The Rumors That Emerged

The Haikyu!! fandom is one filled with enthusiastic fans who love the thrill of a psychological sports anime. While most people understand that Haikyu!! is a sports anime featuring high school volleyball players, people who had not watched the anime began asking a certain dark question: will Daichi die? As the dark as the question sounds, as hilarious was the situation in which it grew. Haikyu!! is an anime about enthusiastic high school volleyball players who compete to go to the Nationals. For those who followed some random Twitter thread of Haikyu!! fans commenting R.I.P on Daichi’s picture and are unaware of who he is, Sawamura Daichi is the captain of the protagonists’ volleyball team.

Sawamura Daichi is a strict character with great leadership qualities. He plays as Karasuno’s defense and has proven to be a very important asset to the team. When Hinata and Kageyama joined in the first year, he was one of the third years along with Koshi Sugawara and Asahi Azumane. On the court, he plays the position of the opposite hitter with profound receiving abilities. Sawamura Daichi is a very responsible member who strongly believes in his teammates despite the time they feel self-doubt. He deeply cares for them and helps them out when they are conflicted. However, he also has a scary side to him when he is angry, and all the juniors in the team fear this side of him.

Haikyu!! is a sports anime but it does have several mind-blowing twists. So will Daichi die in Haikyu!! for real? Well, here is everything about this iconic Haikyu!! confusion.

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Will Daichi Die?

No, Sawamura Daichi will not die in Haikyuu!! The question arose after a certain group of fans started commenting “R.I.P” and sent condolences under Daichi’s pictures on Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. It all began as a joke in reference to Daichi’s injury during their match against Wakutani. So no, Daichi is not dead, and he will not die in Haikyu!! anytime soon. It is a joke among Haikyu!! fans as they often refer to him as someone who passed away. The joke quickly reached thousands of other fans, and memes related to his death started surfacing quickly. In fact, the joke got so out of hand that it became one of the first questions that google suggested when anyone looked the character up.

Will Daichi die

Daichi gets injured during their match against Wakutani.

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What Actually Happened to Daichi?

While we enjoy the jokes, I bet people are curious about what happened if Daichi didn’t die. As aforementioned, he was badly injured. The accident takes place towards the end of the 16th episode of Haikyu!! Season 2, titled “To The Next”. After their win against Johzenji, Karasuno qualifies to play against Wakutani, another tough team with a brilliant ace named Takeru. During the match, Wakutani aims at blocking Asahi and Hinata, two players who were bringing them quite a bit of trouble. At one point, Takeru hits a wipe that touches Tsukishima’s block. To save the set, Daichi and Nishinoya charge towards the ball. Daichi hits it a bit to the front and continues running to hit it all the way to the other side. However, he does not see Tanaka charging towards the ball.

While they do manage to get the ball to the other side of the net and scoring a point, Daichi ends up colliding with Tanaka and falls unconscious. When he gains consciousness, it is revealed that Daichi had lost a tooth, which leads him to get benched for the rest of the game. Daichi leaves for the infirmary with Takeda sensei but not before making sure Tanaka does not blame himself. He leaves Asahi in charge, and Ennoshita fills in his position.

tanaka and daichi

Tanaka and Daichi collide.

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Daichi Sawamura as a Player

Daichi played as the opposite hitter of Karasuno. Throughout the series, Daichi came off as the reliable captain. But as a player, he was mostly unnoticed until the match against Wakutani. Even Terushima Yuji, the player from Johzenji, made remarks about how Daichi was the foundation of the Karasuno team. While Hinata and Kageyama shined so often through their attacks, without Daichi’s strong defense, their efforts would have been for naught.

sawamura daichi is a great receiver

Sawamura Daichi: Practice Match.

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