Will Chris Evans Return As Captain America?

After a perfect send-off in Avengers Endgame will we see Chris Evans play the eternal role of Captain America once again. The director duo of Avengers Endgame had a say on this matter. Joe Russo and Anthony Russo were recently interviewed about the same.

As we know in the movie Captain America used the time travelling technology to travel back in time to the years he originally belonged to and decided to spend his life with her love of life Peggy without any supernatural powers. He returned to Marvel Cinematic Universe as an old man which means he indeed is alive in the current timeline but without powers he is useless.

There are some theories on the circuit which do suggest that there are ways that can be used by MCU to give Captain America back his powers but all of that was put on hold by the directors. They said that Chris is an emotional person and he has parted ways with the character.

Chris Evans took to Twitter to thank everyone who helped him play the role of Captain America an immortal character. The directors added that there is no plan as such to make Chris Evans Captain America again. In Avengers Endgame Chris Evans passed his shield to his friend, Sam Wilson.

Captain America movies have been a great success and without a shred of doubt, Chris Evans has played this role like he has played Captain America forever without taking a break. In our hearts, he’ll remain the one and only original Captain America forever. After waking up in the modern world Captain America has to cope up with the changing times but continue to save the world every day.

He had a huge role to play as a leader in various Avengers movies. His rivalry with Iron Man was an absolutely awesome one to behold.

new captain America

The best movie of Captain America was easily Captain America: Civil War in which the two legendary characters of Captain America and Iron Man played by Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr was easily the best movie out of all of them because of the sheer emotions in the movie.

Apart from that, the Avengers movies have been awesome to witness during the years. Chris Evans parting ways with Captain America’s character is easily an end of an era. We will dearly miss watching this character again being played by Chris Evans. It is clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to make someone else Captain America most probably Sam Wilson but the charisma and personality that Chris brought to the table will be missing.

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