Will Brook Die in One Piece? Can the Musical Swordsman Lose his Life?

Brook from One Piece
Brook from One Piece

One Piece is one of the long-running anime series to ever come out of Japan, which has taken over the world with its popularity. It is based on the manga by Eichiro Oda. The anime premiered in Japan in October 1999 on the Fuji Tv channel. It has aired over a thousand episodes and has been exported to numerous countries all over the world. The anime has been among the top five animes in Television viewer ratings since its inception. The series follows the story of protagonist Monkey D. Luffy whose body gained rubber-like qualities after mistakenly eating a Devil Fruit.

Luffy sets out on a journey to find the legendary treasure left by the legendary pirate Gold Roger. His crew of pirates is named the Straw hat pirates. And Brook is the musician pirate of the crew and one of the two swordsmen in the group. He joins the group during the Thriller Bark Arc of the animated series and is the eighth person to join the pirate crew.

Brook from One Piece
Brook from One Piece

Who is Brook?

Brook is the musician and swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates crew. He is nicknamed ‘Soul King’ Brook because of his affinity towards music.  Brook was initially a member of the Rumbar pirates crew, but he died. He was resurrected through the power of the devil fruitYomi Yomi no Mi.’ However, it took a number of tries for his soul to finally enter his body again, which is why his body was reduced to a skeleton. Only his afro remains from his original look. He drifted alone in the Florian Triangle for 50 years before meeting Luffy and becoming a part of his pirate crew. He currently has a bounty of 83,000,000.

Brook with Straw Hats crew
Brook with Straw Hats crew

Brook’s Appearance:

Before his death, Brook was a tall, tan, and lean man with quite a distinctive face. He had a goatee and sideburns on his cheeks as well. He would always wear sunglasses that covered his eyes. His sense of style and look resembled that of rockstars like Ozzy Osborne, Slash, and Jimmy Hendrix. There was a scar on his forehead resembling a diagonal omega symbol.

After his death, Brook became a skeleton that stood tall with a height of 266cm. His scar is still there as a distinctive crack across his skull. He has also retained his afro hair as it has strong roots, according to Brook. However, he could not keep any other body part as his soul took too many tries to be resurrected. His fashion changes in every arc, but his clothes usually have a similar theme. Brook always wears coats as he is very tall and they suit him very well. He is the tallest member of Luffy’s pirate crew.

Brook’s Abilities: Before Ressurection

Brook ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi to resurrect himself back to life once. He eventually learned to tap deeper into the powers of his Devil Fruit, and it gave him significant control over his own soul and the souls of others. Brook’s ultimate dream is to unite with his old friend, Laboon, at the Reverse Mountain where he lives with Crocus.

He is a veteran pirate as he was in a crew before his death as well. However, the time he spent in the Florian triangle has eroded his knowledge of modern society. Brook always has a comic element to his fights, like making his crewmates fall asleep during the fight, tricking his opponent, playing dead in the middle of the fight, or launching himself at the opponent without any prior thought.

Brook during a fight
Brook during a fight

Brook’s Abilities: After Ressurection

Although he has a very silly personality, he is a formidable swordsman. Brook had proved to be an asset to the Straw Hats crew during their encounters with Thriller Bark’s dangerous inhabitants. He can be quite smart and shrewd during fights, even being able to deceive his opponents to think that he was on their side.

Since Brook has a skeletal body, he can perform certain acts that would otherwise be impossible for him. He will be alive as long as his skeleton remains solid and intact, and he can also easily repair any bone damage by just drinking some milk (Intermezzo: Preparation). He can even survive having his head totally severed from his body, continue to talk, smell, and see while it is detached. But he still does feel pain.

Brook is also resistant to lightning strikes, high or low temperatures because he does not have any flesh left to burn. He does not age and still keeps on growing stronger despite being 90 years old by now. He can store objects inside his skull, such as a Tone Dial and Poneglyph rubbings, as seen in the anime. Brook also has the power to shield himself from Caesar’s Shinokuni gas.

Because of his light body, he can jump extremely high, run on water without sinking, and is the fastest member of the pirate crew. He uses this speed in battle, which allows him to easily and quickly take down his opponents. Brook was able to purify all the soldier zombies before any of them could react and was capable of catching Emperor Big Mom and her homies off guard during their battle.

Brook's soul finding his body
Brook’s soul finding his body

Will Brook die in the anime series?

Brook is shown to be immortal as he has already died once. During his time with the Rumbar pirates, they travelled across the Grand line and fought all the challenges the sea had to offer. However, their captain Yorki and a few others caught an incurable disease while exploring in a forest. Yorki and the infected few decided to take the Rumbar pirates’ first ship to escape the grand line by sailing through the Calm belt.

Brook and the other uninfected pirates continued on their journey on a new ship, with Brook acting as the captain. Their exploration was going well till they reached the Florian Triangle. Here, they were attacked by enemy pirates who turned out to be too powerful for them. Brook and a few of his crewmates were barely able to survive the attack. They escaped, but their weapons were laced with poison, and their team doctor had also been killed. They were slowly wasting away.

Brook knew his body would not be able to survive this attack, so he ate the Yomi Yomi no mi Devil Fruit. He died after some time due to the poison but got resurrected again in his skeleton form as he had eaten the Devil Fruit. But he could only retain his skeleton form as his soul took too many tries to be resurrected again.

Since Brook has already died and come back to life once, I think the real question fans want to ask is, can Brook die again? The answer to that is currently unknown but he could live an eternal life. The mangaka Eichiro Oda has not foreshadowed any chapter about the death of the character as of yet. Currently, in the manga, Brook is in a skeleton body that is incapable of dying of old age or sickness.

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