Will Bojji grow stronger in Ousama Ranking?

Will Bojji get stronger

Fans knew the moment they saw Bojji and, looking at the title Ousama Ranking, that Bojji is bound to rank higher and higher. Bojji is the son of giants. His father is the current king of the kingdom and is ranked number 1 in the Ranking of Kings. Bojji’s mother, Shiina, died when he was at a young age. He has a brother named Daida. The second wife of King Bosse, Queen Hiling, approached Bojji and took great care of him. But when Daida was born, Bojji was told to act like an adult, even though he was also still a child! However, he worked hard, in his own ways, to get stronger. But can he ever? Can Bojji stay strong in a place where people make fun of him? Can Bojji beat his weaknesses? He is deaf and dumb, so how can he manage to survive in the kingdom, nonetheless, become a king? Will Bojji grow stronger? Let’s find out.

Ousama Ranking, also called Ranking of Kings, is a Japanese fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Sōsuke Tōka. The manga got published by Echoes Enterbrain, and since then, Ousama Ranking has been serialized in Web Hack. Whereas the anime TV series, directed by Yōsuke Hatta and Makoto Fuchigami, was first premiered on October 15, 2021, on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block. The production studio which took up Ousama Ranking is actually the famous WIT studio, which also produced AOT’s first three seasons, Spy x Family, Seraph of the End, Vinland Saga, etc.

Ousama Ranking: Ranking of Kings – The Story So Far

Ousama Ranking’s story so far is just great. In the first episode, ‘The Prince’s New Clothes,’ we get to see the protagonist, Bojji. He walks around the street without any clothes. In the second episode, ‘The Prince and Kage,’ we get to know of Kage’s situation. His whole clan, including his mother, gets killed. While he promises Bojji to be by his side forever, Kage disappeared in episode 3, ‘The New King.’ Disappointed on not being able to find Kage, Bojji moves on, shrugging off his disappointment. Daida becomes the new ruler.

Will Bojji Ever Become Strong
(Left to right) Prince Daida, Prince Bojji, Queen Hiling, Dorshe, Bebin, Domas, Apeas

Fans lit up when Kage is seen again. In episode 4, ‘His First Journey,’ Bojji sets off on a journey. Hokuro and Domas joins Bojji. In the fifth episode, ‘Intertwining Plots,’ Domas pushes Bojji into the Gates of Hell. He got the orders from King Daida himself. In the sixth episode, ‘The King of the Underworld,’ Bojji and Kage walk down the stairs to the underworld. In the seventh episode, ‘The Prince’s Apprenticeship,’ Despa takes in Bojji and Kage. Despa trains him based on what Bojji can do.

Episode 8, ‘The Sacrifice of Dreams,’ Magic Mirror advises King Daida to drink his fathers’ blood. Despite her efforts, Daida did not drink the elixir cum potion. Despite that, King Bosse was revived! In the ninth episode, ‘The Queen and the Shield,’ Mirror orders some dog-like monsters to attack Queen Hiling. Dorshe, Queen’s bodyguard, guards her at the door. And in the recent episode, episode 10, ‘The Prince’s sword,’ Bojji gets his very own weapon.

Will Bojji grow stronger?

Yes, Bojji will grow stronger in Ousama Ranking. Frankly speaking, every protagonist has some greatest hidden talents, and so does Bojji. Just that we needed to know ‘what’ exactly!

Will Bojji Get Stronger

So about Bojji’s physical strength, it is crystal clear, is it not? He is extremely weak! Not that that’s a bad thing, but he is even weaker than one would ever imagine! He couldn’t even lift a pebble-sized rock! Hah, what can we expect more? But good news. He is mentally strong.

Okay, sarcasm aside, Bojji is actually strong. His strength and power were taken away the moment he was born. The reason? Well, not sure, but Bosse’s pact with a demon might be one of the reasons, or maybe the sole reason? Bosse made a pact with a demon, for he wanted immense strength in exchange for his son to be weak.

Will Bojji get to be strong

Bojji trains under Despa’s leadership. Despa is known to make any man stronger. Not that he could make an extremely weak person strong. The ‘want to be strong’ person has to have some, or any sort, of strength. And Bojji had it all, except for his strength! So, Despa was able to bring out that power from Bojji. And in episode 10, Bojji is seen to win a fight against three men.

It’s pretty much obvious that Bojji will continue to grow. He is sure to surpass his father, King Bosse. It will be exciting to watch Bojji grow, no?

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