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Will Biohackers Be Renewed For Season 3?

Biohackers Season 3
Biohackers Emma

Biohackers Season 3 is highly anticipated by fans as Netflix airs the second season on 9th July 2021. This show is a German techno-thriller drama series created by Christian Ditter. And its extraordinary setting seems to have grabbed hold of the audience as fans can’t get enough of it. The show initially aired back on 20th August 2020, but due to the positive reception by the fans, Season 2 came out within a year. Here, we follow the story of Mia Akerlund, who is a medical student at the University of Freiburg. But she is not just there to study but to learn the truth about her Professor and Entrepreneur, Tanja Lorenz. Lorenz is the key to her past, as Mia was actually Emma, a girl Lorenz used for her genetic experimentation. Lorenz was trying to find a cure for all genetic mutations, which caused the death of Emma’s family.

In the past, Lorenz made use of children for her experiments. But these children did not have any genetic problems, but it was externally induced to them. And out of all her specimens, Emma was the only one who survived as she became immune to everything. Now, Mia had come back to Lorenz as her once-prized possession. But after stealing some evidence, Emma flees away with Niklas on a train. Here, Lorenz sends Jasper with some genetically mutated mosquitoes to bio-attack the train. Everyone in the terrain suffers except for Emma. Emma goes back to make a deal with Lorenz for an antidote giving the evidence she has. Nevertheless, Emma is able to retrieve the evidence as she sets up a meeting with her journalist contact, Andreas Winter. Here, Emma is kidnapped by him as she finds out that Lorenz had also been captured.

Biohackers Season 3


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Biohackers Season 3 Release Date

Biohackers Season 3 is set to be released somewhere in mid-2022. Season 1 of Biohackers was released back on 20th August 2020, while the second installment came out on 9th July 2021. While the show is yet to be renewed by Netflix, Biohackers should take only about a year to release a new season. Both seasons 1 and 2 only had six episodes in an installment, so it seems highly likely that the third season also follows the same pattern. Moreover, last time we saw Biohackers being renewed a week after its initial release. So, considering this and how Netflix usually operates, there’s still a chance that Biohackers be renewed for Season 3. Season 2 ended on an eerie note as it seems like we have seen the last of Emma’s storyline. But there is much more to explore, which will be discussed below.

Biohackers Season 3

Emma and Lorenz

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What Will Be The Plot Of Biohackers Season 3?

Biohackers Season 2 followed three months after the events of the first season. Here, Emma had lost all her memories from the past three months and was suffering from mental health issues. Here, she realizes that Niklas was dating her friend Lotta while she was dating Jasper. Trying to find out what happened, Emma goes to Lorenz. Lorenz had been defamed as all her research had come out before the public. She leads Emma to Dr. Baron von Furstenberg, the actual brains behind Lorenz’s research. Investigating more on him, Emma finds out from Andreas Winter that her memories were deliberately wiped out. If Lorenz’s cure, Homo Deus, were to come into making, it would destroy the world due to lack of deaths leading to lack of resources. So, Emma and Lorenz had been captured to wipe away their memories using a drug called Oblivion.

As Emma was immune to everything, Dr. Baron had increased her doses, causing Emma’s brain to deteriorate. She only had a few months to live. But Lorenz comes to the rescue as she reverses the process. It all seemed well and good, but Lorenz had been shot dead by the end of the season through a staged meet between Emma and herself.

Biohackers Season 3

Lorenz’s Death.

Season 3 of Biohackers could follow Emma as she tries to bring Dr. Baron von Furstenberg to justice. Slowly as the show progressed, we became closer to Lorenz. And when she was finally deemed a good person by us, she was shot dead. The killer could most likely be Furstenberg’s daughter Lotta. So, next season we could see Emma going after Baron as Lotta acts as a barrier.

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