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Will Attack On Titan Manga Continue After Ending?

Attack On Titan

Ever since the year 2019, Attack on Titan is still ongoing, but the Manga has entered its final story arc. It was revealed back in 2013 that the story might end within 20 collected volumes. But the Manga continues and surpasses beyond 20 volumes as of today. In 2015 the Manga was 60% finished. But it was soon revealed that the Manga still has more than three years to be finished. Attack on Titan should have ended in the year 2018, but the writers come with more exciting ideas and story arcs.

But it was later revealed that Attack on Titan had entered its final story arc. It is a 50/50 answer to whether the Manga will continue or not. If Eren is brought back to the real world, the Manga might continue, and here is the reason why: the Manga has just announced its final chapter where Eren has lost to Mikasa and Amir. Attack on Titan has just reached its epic climax. But during Mikasa, Amir, and Eren’s journey in the paths, it has been revealed that Eren is still alive. Eren has left Mikasa with a message about Amir.

Attack on Titan Final Story Arc

Grisha promised that he would bring back Eren. Eren’s daughter has been born, and Historia is revealed to be the mother of Eren’s daughter. This proves that the Manga could continue since Grisha has decided to bring Eren and Eren’s daughter is alive. Historia has just cut ties with Yeager’s family and apologizes to her fellow soldiers. The Manga fans are left with many questions on how Eren will come back and how the Manga will continue.

It is clear since Eren’s release will bring freedom and long life. Grisha Yeager doesn’t want to lose his son just like that. He knows that he is capable of restoring Eren and bring him back to the real world. Eren thinks that the world will be free without him. Grisha’s vision might come true, and Eren will continue his journey with Amir and Mikasa. Most of the sources are revealing that Attack on Titan has reached its final story arc. The Manga might not continue, but the writers will confirm everything on the date that will be mentioned below.

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan

But it is also clear that Attack on Titan would not continue because the war between the Marleyans and Eldia has ended. There is peace on both sides, even though Levi refused to form a relationship with Marleyans. The warriors, along with Levi, have lost their powers after the war has ended. The Marleyans had apologized for everything that has happened.

Levi and his allies decided to live in peace in Paradis. Unless the course of fate changes since Eren’s daughter is born and Grisha is planing on bringing Eren back. This might bring another direction of the Manga and ends up continuing. But it will take longer for Attack on Titan to continue. Take a look below if the Manga will continue or not. We will keep you updated if there are any changes about Attack on Titan updates. Take a look at the following updates below.

When will The Final Chapter of Attack on Titan End?

The final chapter of Attack on Titan will end on 9 April 2021, with the final volume. It was revealed in November 2020 that the Manga is left with 1-2% to reach the final story arc. But it has also been confirmed that Attack on Titan’s final volume will debut on 9 June 2021. Hajime Isayama had just confirmed how Attack on Titan would end when he was speaking with Comic Natalie.

Isayama always had a question when with this Manag end. But no one has pushed him to decided on Attack on Titan’s final story arc. He has just realized that the Manga seems like it is completed. You can also look at the last chapters of Attack on Titan to understand how Eren ends up disappearing in the real world. Take a look at Spoilers And Preview: Attack On Titan Chapter 139 and the final chapter where Eren and Mikasa’s future has been revealed on Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers: The End.

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