Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? To Ship Uncensored Anime Episodes

I know that the fans of this erotic manga are eagerly waiting for the anime to come out as soon as possible. There is a piece of information that will get them even more excited about the upcoming anime. As we know in June the seventh volume of the manga will be shipped out but along with the DVD of episodes one to four of the anime.

The purpose of this as many fans know is that the content that we see in manga will not be allowed to be broadcast on television. But good for the fans of this series that the anime creators are keeping their desires in check. So, specifically for them the episodes one to four will be having scenes that are not fit for television broadcasting.

To put it in simple words it is going to be full of 18+ scenes, which is what this series is mostly about in the first place. For those who have no idea what this series is all about here is the synopsis for you all

The story is centered around two lead characters, a student named Ichiro and his teacher who is named Kojima.

Kojima is famous for being a very strict teacher, but for some reason, she gets stuck in very awkward situations when in front of Kojima, so her strictness in front of him goes out of the window. She gets stuck in awkward situations like in washroom, bathhouse, pool and school infirmity.

This gives rise to the interesting chain of events. The writer of this manga is Soborou. Soborou launched this erotic romantic manga in 2016. The plot of the story seems too damn interesting to just not watch the anime. If you all don’t have time to read the manga, instead anime which is coming out in April will be a better option for them.

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