Why Sleepy Chicken Trend On TikTok Is So Dangerous?

Why Sleepy Chicken trend on TikTok so dangerous?
TikTok recipe Sleepy Chicken

We all are very well familiar with TikTok, an app that includes so many trends on topics like dancing, acting, singing, cooking, which is for just fun most of the time. Every day this entertainment app comes up with new trends, and people make fun videos out of it. Also, there are so many different communities that serve different kinds of talent. And from the past few weeks, the food community has been trending on top. Basically, the food community serves TikTok different recipes of tasty food and surprisingly healthy snacks also. But unfortunately, from the past few days, bad news about some food recipes came out everywhere in the news. TikTok’s most famous recipe of recent times, named “Sleepy Chicken aka NyQuil chicken, is in the news everywhere but not in a good way. The sleepy chicken was found out to be the most dangerous trend of TikTok till now. But why sleepy chicken trend on TikTok is so dangerous?

Doctors and experts as well are discouraging this TikTok trend so much. Firstly have a look at the famous sleepy chicken trend. What it’s all about? Well, TikTok users braising their chicken in the solution called Nyquil, a medical product that helps to prevent flu and cold. The main purpose of the recipe is to serve nighttime relief from cold and flu. So many videos show viewers pouring almost half of the bottle of the medicine named NyQuil on the top of their meat as it simmers flame.

In simple words, the chicken is soaked in the medicine. Anyways I know it sounds so disgusting, and also, this recipe is making people sick after eating it.

Disclaimer: This article is only for education, we are not promoting this trend and you should refrain from trying to cook food with medicine.

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What is Sleepy Chicken?

Sleepy chicken is a trend which gone viral everywhere on TikTok in a very bad way. The famous TikTok trend Sleepy Chicken is also known as NyQuil Chicken. The main motive of this trend was to cure a cold and flu. Doctors suggest not to try this trend at all. Otherwise, you will regret trying this stupid trend. It is more like a night curse to people who tried this trend.

Tiktok trend
TikTok trend: Sleepy Chicken

Wanna know about the recipe? Here it is. Basically, what Tiktok users do is, braise their chicken in the solution called NyQuil. NyQuil is a medical product that helps with colds and flu. They put the solution on the chicken and deep fry it. The whole recipe is meant to provide nighttime relief from colds and other problems like flu. But it results out to be very dangerous for health. This stupid recipe trend also got banned by TikTok.

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Why is Sleepy Chicken so dangerous?

In a recent interview, a doctor named Jeff Foster talked about the sleepy chicken trend by saying the idea of making this trend was so stupid. He said without any knowledge about the side effects of food like this will obviously result in a disaster. Also, it can kill people. As this recipe of curing a cold and flu doesn’t have any medical approvals, then the chances are high that it can cause more problems to consumers. It was also found that some of the consumers of this recipe have lost their minds. Yes! You heard it right.

Why Sleepy Chicken trend on TikTok so dangerous?
Sleepy Chicken Recipe

Believe me; whosoever invented this recipe is such a stupid person. He must have done some research about the chemical and its after results. He tried to play with the lives of people. Also, doctors always say that without proper consultation, you should not take anything like that. They also mentioned, “We have medications which are scientifically tried and tested for a reason. Unless and until you are not a doctor or know things like that. The chances are high that you can overdose on the chemical.”

Another interview was taken with MIC.com, It says when you cook this recipe with medicine like NyQuil, firstly you boil the water and alcohol in it, then leaving the chicken saturated with drugs in the meat. Sounds scary, right? It is actually as scary as it sounds. If you somehow ate one of those pieces which are completely cooked, the chances are you are highly consuming half a bottle of NyQuil. Due to this, you can have problems like food poisoning, which will lead to major diseases like diarrhea. Other than that, you can also face breathing problems which can even lead to life and death situations.

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