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Why is Sky Suspended From Black Ink Crew?

Sky Days
Sky Days

It seems like the popular reality television series Black Ink Crew is high on drama, and there has been some major high-end action going on the show, and the makers of the series have made a big decision that has taken fans by shock! Get ready for the biggest unexpected shock that might take fans by surprise. Sky Days have been suspended from the show!

The reality television star gained quite a reputation among followers of the show, and this is not the first time Sky Days have grabbed media attention and made headlines for creating some severe controversy! This time the situation got so out of control that the makers and show producers had to take this stern decision.

Sky Day Has Been Suspended From Popular Series Black Ink Crew!

While talking about the shocking decision, parlor owner Ceaser Emanuel revealed that things spiraled out of control, and people got hurt! Ceasar further added that the whole suspension stemmed after Sky got into a heated conversation with her 19-year-old son Des. The thing started as an argument, and soon things took a heated turn.

Sky Days

As things turned ugly between the two, Sky had earlier put Des and his brother Genesis up for adoption. However, Sky soon made a shocking revelation mentioned that a girl had messaged her claiming she’s pregnant with Des’s baby, and this surely turned the tables. Des soon became agitated and said that he just wanted to put their past behind, and Sky shouted at him, saying that he is just there to get the money.

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Things Became Ugly Between Sky Days And Her Son, Des In The Show!

The whole argument took a heated turn as Des angrily called his mother a dumbass, and that’s when Sky started hitting Des. Des was heard saying in a voice-over that she wished death upon him. There was another voiceover where Sky is saying that she should have aborted him! She went on to say that his father didn’t want him and that nobody wants him! The whole name-calling and blame game took a tough turn as security guards had to intervene. With things getting physical with Sky hitting Des, the makers had to suspend her from the show, and now the show will go on without her.

Sky Days

It seems like the season 9 production will go on without Sky Days as she is no more a part of the show. While followers would miss her as she has been regular on the series and one of the reasons that the show went on to become so popular amongst fans! While this is not the first time that Sky created major controversies on the show, it seems like her exit is highly questionable, and we might see her sooner or later.

Is Sky Going To Return On Black Ink Crew Anytime Soon?

While Sky’s return on the popular series is not certain as of yet, but the show must go on, and by the looks of it, Sky is not joining the boss anytime soon. Moreover, these controversies are fuelled by more allegations made by her son. According to her son, Des, and Genesis, Sky only approaches them when she needs them on the show.  The sky had earlier stated that she already has a lot going on for her as well.

The star revealed that she is soon going to star in a movie, and her media company might have a project in collaboration with streaming giant Netflix as well! It seems like fans will be seeing a lot of Sky in the coming time. According to the two brothers, Sky looked after them for six years and then left them. This surely puts Sky in a negative light, but Sky has something else to say about the whole fiasco. It is not only in the show, but Sky had a tumultuous relationship with her children. At the same time, Des has claimed that they are different people as individuals and believes that his mother loves him in every way and they are just different people.

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