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Why ‘Red Haired’ Shanks Is Going To Die In One Piece

After having more than 870 chapters in manga and 800+ episodes in anime we all may have heard the rumor that Shanks will die or he needs to die for the story to go on. But why? He just can’t die in vein or leaving nothing behind for he was the biggest inspiration for Luffy to sail out with the desire to find the most desired treasure among pirates, One Piece. So if he dies, there must be a significant reason and consequence for it. Let’s see from the beginning what they could be.



To a large a part of One Piece fanatics Shanks is just an overpowered pirate who became a Yonkou although he shouldn’t have that much power to do so. I’d totally defy it. He may have looked such normal middle powered pirate on the beginning of One Piece and isn’t known to have any strong Devil Fruit or any Devil Fruit at all so how did he become one of the strongest four pirates of the current pirate world? Before calling him overrated we should consider some things first.



First off, he was a crewmate of Gol D Roger himself despite being a kid back then but he was more matured than Buggy so at least he must know things of their voyage more or less. What every pirates are dying to witness for getting One Piece, he has seen them all regardless of if he remembers them all or not. Then, he has all three haki abilities including Conqueror’s Haki, the strongest among hakis. It may seem that just having all three hakis should be enough but what if everyone of his crew has at least two different haki abilities along with their individual skills? For a men who can walk on White Beard’s ship alone just guarding himself with his haki it’s too hard to be called lame or overrated. He met Luffy when he was just seven but now he is 19 and this time is enough for a former Gol D Roger crewmate to establish his own empire when Luffy came this far from a rookie in less than just three years. And we all have seen how fierce his appearance was when he came to stop the war of Marine Ford, in which the marine and other pirates still wonder how he managed to get there so fast when he was thought to be fighting with Kaido.



So we can say he isn’t someone we can take lightly. Therefore he can’t die like some random pirate and he has strong basis behind him being a Yonkou. Now if Luffy approaches as he is going now and keeps defeating stronger and stronger opponents there is a huge possibility that he will be a Yonkou someday before reaching Raftel. Enmity is the mostly seen impression between Yonkous although we did see less than that between White Beard and Shanks but since WB is dead we can’t consider them treating others as enemy but just rivals. So if Luffy becomes a Yonkou replacing someone else then most likely they will have to fight which would be the most cruel thing for Oda sensei to create. And if you have been thinking Shanks will help Luffy after meeting him in the new world then you should just grow up and start thinking bigger. Of course a lot of people had helped Luffy but he earned their trust first by proving his worth and they want to follow Luffy and his morals which doesn’t go with the man who himself inspired Luffy to sail out as a pirate.

And we saw how Luffy and the Straw Hats evolved after Ace’s death that helped them become way more powerful than they were and now they all have their own name in the pirate world. And if someone has to die to make the same impression again it should be Shanks. Although we can consider Sabo or Dragon dying but they have already created a long distance between them and Luffy so their death won’t affect Luffy as much as Shanks’ death will, specially Dragon.

And if he dies and Luffy replaces him as a Yonkou then the rivalry among the Yonkous can be kept intact because other friend or allies of Luffy should be following him as it’s a great step for them all. And to gain greater power, to have a reason to punch his way out Shanks’ death is required and whoever manages to do that, Luffy will be provoked to defeat them no matter what and killing Shanks is only possible for another Yonkou or some higher agent of Cipher Pole. Defeating them will make Luffys name way higher than it is now and his territory will expand for sure.

As we can see there are more reasons than just hunches for Shanks to die, that’s it for my post, stay tuned for more contents.

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Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

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