Why One Piece Chapter 942 Won’t Come Out This Week?

One Piece is arguably the biggest ever manga series there is and there was. Oda has created a masterpiece Universe of his own. We have been so lucky to be alive in One Piece era. Right now One Piece is in the middle of its best ever arc till date, that is, Wano Country arc. This week Shonen Jump magazine in which One Piece is being published is on a break.

This break is for a festival in Japan named the Golden Week. In One Piece chapter 941 we got to see Komurasaki sleeping on Roronoa Zoro’s chest, the most wanted woman in Wano country is sleeping with the master swordsman but he just does not care. Brook is shocked after witnessing this scene.

Yasu the hero of people has been crucified and Otoko has been confirmed as his daughter but even after being crucified he is still conscious. While all this was happening, Kurozumi Orochi was still flipping that Komurasaki is dead. It is hard to believe that Komurasaki was not saved by Kyoushiro and that Kyoushiro has an agenda against Kurozumi Orochi since he seemingly has saved Komurasaki.

Also, in Udon Prison we saw that the most beloved food of Queen is being stolen by Big Mom and others and the forces are being deployed to find out the culprits. Monkey D Luffy is still trying to learn a new power-up technique which is a new advanced armament haki technique allowing the user to hit the target without even touching them.

It is a technique that he thinks might even come in handy against the likes of Kaido. In One Piece chapter 942, we might get to see Big Mom being exposed and hence Queen might even be up for a serious battle. Even though Big Mom is not her usual self but she will surely defeat Queen with even half of her strength. It is possible that Queen’s devil fruit will also be revealed.

Also, it is about time now that Monkey D Luffy learns this new technique of his.

Yasu’s fate still remains in the balance and Komurasaki aka Hiyori Kozuki’s relationship with Kyoushiro and why he saved them might also be discussed. Law will be looking to make a move to free his crew.

Unfortunately, this week we won’t get to know what will happen further in Wano Country arc saga. Do share your thoughts about Wano country arc in the comments section below.

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