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Why Is The Nick Cannon Talk Show Canceled?

Why Is The Nick Cannon Talk Show Canceled?

Why is The Nick Cannon Talk Show Canceled? It is bad news for popular host Nick Cannon as The Nick Cannon Show is not going to make it to a second season! The news was further confirmed by the producer and distribution team as they stated that the talk show would not be renewed for another installment after a series of discussions.

The co-presidents of Nick Cannon, producer-distributor, and Lionsgate’s Debmar-Mercury further explained how it is never easy to cancel a production with clear potential. However, they came to this conclusion after a great deal of deliberation and examining various options, and they had to make the difficult business decision to end production on the Nick Cannon Show.

Nick Cannon Opens Up About The Cancellation

The host has also opened up about the devastating news while stating that he completely understands why the decision was made. He further said that this being a show business, and as much fun as they have on the show, business is the thing that makes the whole thing tick and operate. While the show is not returning for season 2, here’s a little sneak peek from one of the episodes of season 1.

However, the host chose to be optimistic about it as he stated it had been a dream come true for him to be able to do this every day, but as far as his business mind is concerned, it is looking forward to expanding and elevating in a way. Cannon also took this opportunity to give a shout-out to his production crew members and audience, as he called them the best he had ever dealt with.

The Nick Cannon Show’ Canceled

The Nick Cannon Show

The popular host assured his loyal fan base that they still got more shows he surely isn’t going anywhere just yet as he said that he is going to still be here and do this. Nick concluded by saying that it is about broadening his audience and tapping into his audience in a big way. While there has been no such confirmation, low viewership and ratings might have played a role in the sudden cancellation of the show.

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