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Why does My Screen go Black on Netflix?

Why Does my Screen go black on Netflix?
Why Does my Screen go black on Netflix?

Does your screen turn black when you’re streaming on Netflix? Why does my screen go black on Netflix? So frustrated you can’t Netflix and chill? No worries! We can help you out here at Otakukart! Firstly, you’re not alone. So many people go through these woes. And in consequence, we prepared this text to try and give you a hand. While Netflix constantly optimizes its platform to streamline its services and bring you the best experience possible, this occasionally does happen. And we try to bring you the solutions in this post. 

Prevalent problem users face a black screen with sound or without sound. And in this article, we will try to explain to you what’s going on. So before you lose your temper. Take it easy. Read through this article with patience. And perhaps you will find a solution. Bear in mind, troubleshooting is always frustrating, confusing, and mind-boggling. Frequently it may feel like you have no idea what you’re doing or that someone is speaking to you in a foreign tongue. But we’re going to try and keep it simple.

Why Does my Screen go black on Netflix?

Why Does my Screen go black on Netflix?

Why does my screen go black on Netflix?

A widespread problem is that you face a black screen with sound. Most of the time is because of either a problem in Netflix servers, your system files, or a corrupted installation file. So let’s go over that. Firstly. Before you do anything, check if the problem is with Netflix or your end. To do this, visit the Netflix server status page and check if their servers are working correctly. Moreover, this platform usually lets its users know on social media if anything happens to their servers. In any case, here is the link for the server status for Netflix. News flash, and sorry to break your ego: The problem is on your end most of the time. In consequence, let’s cover that. 

Check for a working internet connection

Firstly, check your internet connection. Next, let’s do a speed internet check. Go to and see how fast your internet is going. One of the issues you might be facing could be faulty —read, slow— internet connection. You see, Netflix isn’t very demanding on your bandwidth, but you need at the very least 1.5 megabytes per second to have a decent streaming experience on the platform. Otherwise, you might face the black screen, constant skips, bleeps, and distorted images. 

If the test turns out to tell you that your internet speed is slow. Try restarting the router, restart your device, and refresh your links with your internet service provider. Then, unplug and replug your modem. But, of course, you’ve done that before, so go behind that furniture, in that den of tangled up cables that you continually refuse to properly put and tidy up —despite having watched that Marie Kondo show on Netflix— and wait until the modern does the uplink and see how it goes. 

Why Does my Screen go black on Netflix?

Why Does my Screen go black on Netflix?

Alternative methods

Let’s say you get the black screen on the iPad. Let’s try logging into Netflix from the laptop. That means testing the Netflix connection from a different device. Sometimes, the device you use could have an issue with its system files, and the app could be working abnormally. Alternatively, try re-logging on your current device. Sometimes the user data becomes corrupted. A simple sign-out and sign-in do the trick. If you’re using a VPN, turn it off before accessing the platform and clear the browser cache and cookies. 

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Also, make sure you have the latest Netflix app updated, as well as your operative system. If your device lacks the newest system updates, that might cause compatibility problems within and across apps, including Netflix. Also, it may cause errors in your operating system, and it may require a patch. In that case, you need to address that problem. Sorry to break it to you, but those are deeper waters, as updates and more thorough readings are required. But, most of the time, the first steps solve the issue for you. With that, we wrap up this post. I hope it’s helpful. Thank you for reading this article. 

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