Why Did Yujiro Hanma Kill Baki Hanma’s Mother in Baki The Grappler?

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why did yujiro kill bakis mom

When it comes down to amazing fight scenes, the anime industry doesn’t have any dearth of legendary anime with overpowered characters and well-executed fight scenes. Even so, one of the best, if not the best anime that always makes it to the top of the recommendation list is none other than the Baki series. An evergreen anime with jaw-dropping fight scenes and plotlines filled with twists and action, Baki the Grappler should be everyone’s go-to anime. Full of emotional rides too, one of the saddest parts of the manga turned anime series was when Emi Akezawa, Baki’s mother was killed by her very own lover, whom she had dedicated her entire life. 

The question that comes to the mind of every viewer at this point, is just what reason did Yuujiro Hanma had for killing his own son’s mother. Another important question to be asked is just why Emi, who had neglected Baki all her life try to protect him. Did she finally by any chance come to love Baki? Great, not as we will answer all of these questions in depth and go beyond by giving you other interesting pieces of information. Gambare, fans of Baki! 

Who was Emi Akezawa?

Emi Akezawa is a pivotal character and the mother of Baki, the protagonist of Baki the Grappler anime and manga series. Before her death, she was also the lover of Yuujiro Hanma, the ultimate antagonist of the series and Baki’s father. She was enamoured with Yuujiro, which resulted in her physically and verbally abusing her son. Initially, Emi appears to be a supportive mother who was only attempting to help her son become the strong person he desires to be, however, it was later revealed that the only reason she was supporting Baki was so that he might impress Yuujiro Hanma, the only person that she truly loved. Her devotion turns into a sick obsession over time, and she stops having any form of affection for Baki. 

why did yujiro kill bakis mom
Emi Akezawa

When Yuujiro expressed his dissatisfaction with Baki’s progress, she became distraught and blamed her son for being weakling. She punished him by striking and even biting him when he hugged her and pleaded for her love. She was likewise unconcerned with her own son’s mental distress as all she cared about was the approval of Yuujiro. However, much to everyone’s surprise, during Baki and Yuujiro’s horrific combat, Emi overcame her sadistic impulses and realised her true love for Baki. Her maternal instincts impelled her to defend him, even if it meant risking her life due to which she even attacked Yuujiro and ultimately dies protecting him. In her dying moments, she realised just how cruelly she had treated her son and expressed deep and heartfelt regret for her previous acts of cruelty and indifference to his feelings and well-being.

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Why Did Yuujiro Kill Emi? 

One thing that must be kept in mind while we answer the question is that Yuujiro Hanma is the central villain of the whole of the Baki series and that it is Baki’s misfortune to have him as a father and Emi’s misfortune to have been involved with him. A sadist, he takes a sick pleasure from others pain and sufferings. He has a profound hatred for the weak and does not believe that they are even worth murdering. Yuujiro sees Baki as nothing but a tool to his own satisfaction and wishes for him to become as strong as him only so that he can have a good fight. He is a psychotic man, more animal than human as was apparent when he killed Emi Akezawa. He only killed her so that Baki would hate him and be motivated enough to become stronger to give him a good fight.

why did yujiro kill bakis mom
Yuujiro Hanma

The most powerful human in the entirety of the series, he works as a well-paid freelance assassin and mercenary for a variety of powerful nations and wealthy groups. He is also unusually quiet and stoic the majority of the time. Its never been clearly stated just how rich and influential Yuujiro is from the important jobs that he has taken but judging from his expensive tastes, one can assume him to be an extremely affluent man. He is known to the world as the World’s Strongest Creature or the Ogre. He is a ruthless and conceited man whose principles have no mercy for anyone including his lovers and son. 

Yuujiro is also a master manipulator, as is evident from his relationships with his son and Emi Akezawa. His entire existence revolves around fighting and destroying all that he can. He becomes stronger with each person that he defeats and kills, and his entire mindset is committed to nothing but fighting and growing stronger. Furious or not, he kills people without any remorse or concern. He is a conceited man who believes himself to be the most important living creature on the planet and feels free to do whatever he wants as really there is no one strong enough to stop him. Yuujiro regards everyone like an insect to be trampled upon including Emi and Baki. 

How Did Baki’s Mom and Yuujiro Meet? 

Yuujiro Hanma, although a powerful and brutish man, did have high standards and strong connections in the upper echelons of society. Thus, he met Emi Akezawa, a rich lady at a very important and lavish party. Emi Akezawa, who had come with her husband Eiichi Akezawa, becomes immediately attracted to Yuujiro. As both of them keep staring at each other, an envious Eichhi starts a conversation with Yuujiro. The duo with no sense of care or consequences, kiss each other after Eiichi spills champagne on Yuujiro’s suit out of anger and jealousy. Eichhhi does not stop there and attempts to assault Yuujiro but is stopped by a fighter. The fighter faces Yuujiro in an attempt to defend Eiichi, but not so surprisingly losses against Yuujiro. After the party ends, Yuujiro breaks into Akezawa’s mansion since he knows that Emi desires him just as much as he does. He confronts Eichhi and enquires about Emi’s location, only to kill him in front of her as an act of flirtation. He embraces Emi and seductively tells her that he likes the cruelty and bloodthirst in her eyes and would thus like her to give birth to his child. It is this meeting that leads to the beginning of their relationship and the birth and horror-filled childhood of Baki.

why did yujiro kill bakis mom

How Does Baki’s Mom Die? 

During the childhood saga, we see Yuujiro paying a visit to Emi Akezawa after a very long time, much to her delight. She tries to fling herself into his arms, but he rejects her and accuses her of failing to properly raise Baki, claiming that their son is far from being strong and is still just a frail nobody. He also tells her that he will now be in charge of their son’s growth. Emi becomes enraged and rushes at Yuujiro with a razor, but he easily stops her. He kisses her because her bloodlust makes him happy. Yuujiro eventually declares that he will test Baki on what he has learnt so far. Yuujiro then travels to the mountains and murders Yasha-Zaru, the dear animal friend of Baki. He only does it to enrage Baki because he felt like it. He cruelly shows Baki the ape’s head during his training, much to the latter’s anguish and sorrow. An out of control Baki goes insane when he sees the head of a precious friend. As a result, Baki tries to attack Yuujiro but his father just nonchalantly pulls him aside and announces that he intends to fight the coming month.

On the day of the awaited fight, Yuujiro makes a grand entrance by entering the battle site from a chopper, where Baki and many of his buddies were waiting as a show of support. The former is accompanied by his team of support that consists of Emi Akezawa, Hitoshi Kuriyagawa, and an ancient soldier known as Sir. What happens next is very surprising as the fight is interrupted by an unexpected earthquake but what is even moring shocking is when Yuujiro puts a stop to the extremely strong quake by punching the ground. The immense might of Yuujiro astounds everyone but a vengeful and emotional Baki attempts not to be concerned about his father’s remarkable display of strength and decides to go forth with the battle. 

Emi’s dying body on top of an unconscious Baki

Baki tries hard during the fight, but he is unable to really injure his father. Yuujiro is still pleased with his son’s performance and becomes really excited. At one point, an ecstatic Yuujiro begins viciously knocking out and nearly killing his son but is stopped by Emi, who unexpectedly becomes determined to defend her child from a dangerous fate. Yuujiro is amazed that Emi finally developed maternal instincts after receiving a blow to the face from Emi. Accepting the challenge Yuujiro easily and gruesomely kills her by rupturing her eardrum and breaking her spine by hugging her for the last time. A delirious Yuujiro then kills all the bystanders and walks away from the crime scene. Emi who realises how much she loves her son spends her remaining energy cradling Baki and singing him a lullaby. 

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