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Why Did They Cancel Good Girls, Is It Ever Coming Back?

Why did they cancel Good Girls
Good Girls promotional poster.

This is surely something that was unexpected and also the worst goodbye for a comedy series. You might have already known that the Good Girls series has come to an end that too without a proper farewell. Let us dive into the details of what actually happened and why did they cancel Good Girls?

Jenna Bans developed Good Girls, an American comedy/crime-drama TV series that aired on the NBC network on February 26, 2018, and recently ended on July 22 of 2021. Dean Parisot, Bans, and Jeannine Renshaw were the executive producers of the series for Universal Television. After four seasons, the show was terminated in June 2021 ad now we are about to know why.

The show chronicles the lives of 3 women from the suburbs of Michigan, two of them are sisters, who are struggling and trying hard to keep their heads above water. They’ve had enough of having everything taken away from them, so they plan an unusual robbery by stealing a supermarket, only to find out that they’re in for more than they bargained for. After recognizing one of the ladies, the shop manager becomes interested in their successful heist, but for a different motive than the money. The show follows an interesting plot that offers crime and comedy. What better mix to keep the audience entertained as well as on tenterhooks.

All’s going well until the creators decided to give the show a halt. What actually happened and Why did they cancel Good Girls?

Why did they cancel Good Girls?

Good Girls

Why did they cancel Good Girls?

Up in the coming of the 4th season finale of Good Girls, the media came to know that there will be no renewal of the comedy/crime series for another installment. TVLine reportedly claimed that the NBC network has decided to put a full stop to the dramedy series. Fans went crazy all over Twitter after the news of the cancellation broke out. They used hashtags like #savegoodgirls to show their disapproval and asked for a season wrap on a good note.

Why did they cancel Good Girls?

Good Girls

NBC network and its producer Universal Television are said to have planned a 5th and final installment of 8 episodes for the famous dramedy series. In late May, it was even reported that the network had “informally approved out with a plan,” with production set to begin in spring 2022. However, money problems apparently led to the cancellation announcement a month later.

Financial troubles

An NBC insider told TVLine.“We really planned to bring Good Girls back with a bang for another season to wrap up the story, but we couldn’t get the finances work”.

If the program were to go to Netflix, Deadline stated that both NBC and Netflix were unable to make the economics work. Good Girls isn’t being marketed around between networks or streaming platforms because of the NBC-Netflix partnership. NBC and Netflix inked a distribution agreement in 2017 when the program was in its beginning stage, according to Deadline. So, with both platforms claiming that the numbers aren’t in their favour, there was no other way for Good Girls except way out.

Why did they cancel Good Girls?

Good Girls- cancellation rumours

While financial issues were considered a reason for the cancellation of Good Girls many fans consider other reasons too. Reasons like internal conflicts between the cast members. There are unsubstantiated allegations that the show was cancelled for reasons other than money. Manny and Christina, who plays his on-screen love interest, Beth, are said to have a “tense professional relationship.”

Manny Montana, who portrayed Rio, allegedly refused to take a wage reduction like his co-stars Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta. He was less likely to accept the lesser compensation to make one final season because of this reported off-screen disagreement. When NBC learned about this, the show was allegedly cancelled. This serious issue/rumoured news is considered one of the major reasons.

Why did they cancel Good Girls?

Manny and Christian as Rio and Beth.

Spreading rumors

When contacted, representatives for the actor and NBC network insiders declined to comment, and reps for the other key cast members have likewise not commented on the article. No matter the reason the final conclusion was the show’s cancellation which left not only the audiences disheartened but also the cast and crew. On social media, two of the key female performers bemoaned the cancellation of Good Girls. After all the fame the show has gained it was pretty sad for it to end on such a note yet it remains to be cherished by fans all over the world. Stay tuned to know more.

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