Why Did Sheldon And Amy Break Up? All About The BBT Genius Couple

Sheldon and Amy Breakup
Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler

Big Bang Theory has a special place inside our hearts. As a young follower of the famous sitcom, one can easily relate to the characters and their situations. Hence, the love story between Sheldon and Amy has attracted the viewers. At a point, the attraction is much more than any other storyline throughout the seasons. However, one question lies unanswered- why did Sheldon and Amy break up? This question has created a stir on the Internet. Every time a new slot of young boys and girls watch this series, the curiosity of knowing the reason behind Sheldon and Amy’s breakup grows. Hence, it has become necessary to talk about the issue.

People all over the world are desperate to find out what happened with the main couple of the famous show. The Big Bang Theory, as we all know, is one of the most-watched American series ever. Likewise, it has been a part of the lives of people all over the world for over 2 decades. Hence, the characters and their lives hold a special place in our lives, too. Among the characters of the show, Amy and Sheldon were some of the most talked-about couples both on the show and of the time. Therefore, why did Sheldon and Amy break up and their journey throughout the show will be a matter of discussion in this article.

Sheldon and Amy Breakup

Why did Sheldon and Amy break up?

Sheldon was known as one of the most selfish people on the show. He was not a person who believed in love. However, he was destined to meet Amy. Just like any other couple, Sheldon and Amy went through ups and downs. Moreover, there were times when they fell apart. But as we all know, those who are meant to be together will stay together anyhow. Hence, to everyone’s curiosity, Sheldon and Amy did not break up.

Instead, the duo got married towards the end of an outstanding American sitcom ever. Sheldon’s selfishness and Amy’s rational behavior turned out both as a blessing and a curse for their relationship. It was humorous and quirky from the beginning. Over the years, they got matured and decided to take proper steps for the growth of their relationship. Some insights into their relationship include the confession made before prom. It was a shocking proposal for Amy as she was not aware of Sheldon’s feelings.

Sheldon and Amy Breakup
Despite their breakup, Sheldon and Amy got married at the end of the show.

However, it turned out beautifully, and the couple enjoyed their prom night. Also, there was a point of time when Amy wanted to go ahead in her relationship the way her friend is going. As a result, she asked Sheldon to do several things. In short, there was a fight for superiority between them. Both were highly educated in their respective fields and wanted to turn out the best one. However, it acted as a blessing for them. As a result, they turned out to be the new generation Madam Curie and Pierre Curie.

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Sheldon and Amy: Relationship Timeline

The love story between the top couple on the show began unusually. On the one hand, Sheldon was the opposite of what we call a Romeo. But his destiny had other plans for him. Sheldon and Amy met through an online dating app. It was obvious that Sheldon would say no to his forced date. However, what happened was the opposite of what he thought. Sheldon was impressed by Amy’s behavior. Likewise, both of them had similarities that attracted each other.

Over the years, their relationship went through different phases. It started with “Just Friends” and ended up being a “Happily Married Couple”. Meanwhile, physical closeness was one of the major reasons behind their conflicts. Once in a while, they used to fight over these issues. Initially, Sheldon refused to accept the fact that he was in love with her. But gradually, he understood the worth of Amy in his life.

Sheldon and Amy Breakup

Moreover, he got jealous of every other man in Amy’s life. Slowly and steadily, Sheldon and Amy grew close and resolved all the issues between them. Interestingly, they had a long contract titled “The Relationship Agreement,” which was often a topic to joke about. In the meantime, the duo actively participated in experiments. They were obliged to have a resemblance with Madam Curie and her husband. They both were working together just like the famous Nobel prize couple did.

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