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Why Did Richard and Monica Breakup in The FRIENDS Show?

Despite the age difference, Monica and Richard can be considered the power couple of the FRIENDS show. But well, the two had to break up eventually over their personal reasons. Thus, here we have decided to wrap up everything about the bond between the duo. Here, you will find all information which you need to know regarding their breakup. The reason that initiated the separation of Monica and Richard was children. Yes, you read that right. It was in the show when we saw their bond going pretty well when the topic of children came in.

Given that Richard is aged and already has children or probably even grandchildren, he did not want to have more kids. On the other hand, since the show started, we saw that Monica wanted to have children badly and get the chance to be a mother. At last, Richard eventually gave in and agreed to have kids with her. Although Monica could not accept him now because she did not want a partner who wants children with her as a compromise to keep the relationship going, she would rather have kids with her without any strings attached.

Why Did Richard and Monica Breakup?

Richard and Monica

Monica and Richard Breakup

Despite all of it, we cannot help but be in awe of Richard. He also mentioned he would be pleased doing the entire 4 o’clock feeding thing and be an amazing father to their children. But even the audience could make out that kids were something that he ‘had to do, in the form of responsibility with Monica, rather than doing it as his own ‘want’.

This is where things got a bit tacky. We obviously do not blame Richard for this because he is now aged and has already done the children thing. But we cannot let go of the fact that Richard really was ready to compromise everything for Monica if it meant staying with her. He also understood that compromise was a big part of the relationship. In the end, it eventually did not work out for them, and Monica did not settle with him.

Even without the child factor in the relationship, everything that Richard and Monica had as a couple was tough to conquer. Their timeline was always full of obstacles and got pretty tricky at times. Although, we cannot deny that the chemistry between the duo was made up of true love. We cannot help but witness some awkward moments throughout the series, such as when we were revealed that Richard had held Monica while she was a baby herself. It was because Richard is the friend of Monica’s father.

Monica and Chandler: Relationship

Also, we saw that Timothy, the son of Richard, also had a romantic relationship with Monica later in the series, and the two kissed. So it was like, Monica has kissed Richard and his son as well, and it was bizarre. When it comes to Monica’s last and final relationship on the show, Chandler Bing, it was nothing less than a fairytale. He happily provided her the lead in their relationship and also, children. We cannot help but state that their bond was pretty genuine. Additionally, the two already were friends from the very beginning and thus, were able to understand each other’s flaws better.

There are people who wanted Monica to settle down with Richard instead. This was because they felt like her relationship with Chandler was more of a settlement to have an idealized version of a life that she imagined for herself. We cannot help but agree that Monica and Chandler’s relationship was less than perfect. They lacked the passion and spark that Monica had with Richard. Richard and Monica were bustling with fire at each step as they broke the relationship stereotypes. In the scene where every mom in the neighborhood, even Monica’s, was curious about the new girlfriend of Richard, and they found out it was Monica, their faces fell off. But the two got through that together, proving that their relationship was more than just a fling but genuine love.

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