Why Did ‘Nick’ and ‘Jess’ Break Up In New Girl TV Show?

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Jessica Christopher Jess Day happens to be a fictional character in New Girl. The series is a sitcom airing regularly on FOX. This character is enacted by actress Zooey Deschanel. In the show, we see that Jess becomes the only female roommate in the apartment loft located in Los Angeles. She was first seen on the show during the pilot in 2011. On the other hand, Jess was finally sent off in 2018 in the episode called Engram Pattersky. In the show, we see her as a school teacher as well as vice-principal by profession. She later goes on to become the Principal of the school.

Jess is the daughter of Joan Day as well as Bob Day. She has one sister named Abby Day. You guys should know that Zooey Deschanel was in the sole process of developing a show at HBO. It was during this time that she read the script of New Girl’s pilot episode. She was immediate in responding to the material and expressed her interest in the whole thing. Also, you guys should know that this character of Jess was not written for Zooey specifically. Although, when the creators saw her in the character, they found it a great match and it did not need any more refining. Also, this character was going to be one of the most remarkable ones in the series.

Why Did Nick and Jess Break Up?
Nick and Jess

Jess – Character Arc

Meriwether was in the support of making Jess a unique as well as an interesting and funny female character. It was later that we saw that Zooey herself stepped up as the producer of the series. She worked along with the team in order to build up and create other characters as well. The actress had a lot of engagement in making Jess not one of those women characters who would just be ignored by the guys she is trying to keep out of trouble and act as a perfect classic wife. Also, it should be known that Meriwether wanted to write about herself when it came to Jess. She was trying to pin it down from an honest perspective.

Also, in one of her interviews, Zoey describes that Jess was a special part of her and represented the special enthusiasm as well as optimism of her youth. Also, Jess is not shy of anything and is ready to be a part of the whole unattractive mess. Now, people are pretty curious about the relationship that Jess shared with Nick on the series. It is obvious the two had the required chemistry. Although, they want to know why the two split up. Thus, if you are someone who wants to know the answer to this question as well, then we have got you covered.


Jess and Nick Breakup

It was in season 3 of New Girl that we witnessed the basic differences between the couple. Initially, the two were seen continuing their relationship at a good pace although, it was after a very unsatisfying visit from Abby that everything changed. They both realized their life goals and how they all are too different from each other. Nick and Jess also come to witness that they have spent more time arguing. Thus, they break up in the third season in the episode titled Mars Landing. After this, we see that Jess tried very hard to fit in with the cool teachers at the school. Despite all the turnoffs, she finally befriends them and later even becomes the vice principal.

Given the fact that the story of Nick and Jess was finally over, she starts a relationship with Ryan Geauxinue. Although, their relationship does not last very long given the situation. She is administrative at the school while Ryan happens to be a teacher. Thus, they had to break up after being a part of a long-distance relationship as well. All in all, the role of Jess worked out really great for Zooey Deschanel. The actress was even awarded with one Emmy and then three Golden Globe nominations for her role. Also, we should not forget that the Favorite Comedic TV Actress Award has also been nominated for her name at the People’s Choice Award a variety of times.

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