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Why Did Los Bukis Break Up? The Truth Behind It All

Why Did Los Bukis Break Up? As you know Mexican band, Los Bukis is widely popular in all parts of America. And recently, the news of their reunion has created a global buzz. But do you know why did Los Bukis Break Up? Well,  we have prepared today’s article for you, in which we will cover why Los Bukis Break Up, their popular songs, reunion, and much more.

In 1975, two cousins ​​Marco Antonio Solis and Joel Solis, formed a band together and named it Los Bukis. Los Bukis is a very popular Mexican band set up in Ario de Rosales, Michoacan. In the name of the band group, the word Bukis means a little kid. Falso Amor is the band’s first song, which means False love, this song, and its style became very popular in entire Latin America. In 1987, the group founder Marco Antonio wrote a song for the album “Me Volvi a Acordar de Ti”. In just a few weeks after launch, the album hit one million records and won “Diamond” status. Antonio composed albums for many artists, including  Beatriz Adriana, Rocchio Durcal, Maricella, El Pega Pega, María Sort, and Lucero.

The band’s musicians have gained recognition across the world for their amazing growth and new styles of music. In this group of regional Mexican music creators, in addition to Marco and Joel, members like Roberto Guadarrama, Eusebio, Cortez, Jose Guadarrama, Pedro Sanchez, Jose Javier Solis, George Davila, Carlos Hernandez, Enrique “Kayke” Gonzalez are also popular for playing instruments and backing vocals.

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Reason Behind Los Bukis Break Up

Mexican Band Los Bookies was formed in 1975 and came into the limelight with its very first song. Together, the group produced several studio albums, compilation albums, and songs for Mexican movies like Las Musiqueras, and Como Fui a Enamorarme de Ti.

Los Bukis Break Up

Los Bukis Break Up

After a career spanning 20 years and achieving immense success, group founder Marco Antonio decided to pursue a solo career. And then the group broke up. After the breakup of the group, an agreement was made with the rest of the group members, in which it was written that no one would use the word Bukis, both the parties accept the condition. The remaining team members formed a new band they named Los Mismos, which means “The same ones”.

Following the breakup, the Los Mismos group released eleven albums under five different labels. The labels include Univision Music Group, Disco America, EMI Latin, Disco Power Records, and Scalona Records.

After the separation, Marco Solis released his first album “En Plano Vuelo”.  Marco has won five Latin Grammy Awards and 2 Lo Nuestro Awards in his solo career. Solis achieved accomplishment in Mexico as well as in pure Latin America and entered the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart more than 30 times, giving Kai hits. Marco also won a star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2013,  Marco’s album “Gracias Por Estar” Aqu” won #1 place on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart.

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Los Bukis Reunion

Almost after 25 years of separation, on May 9, 2021, Los Bukis met and released a video recording and music video for their 1986 song “Tú Cárcel” with other team members on the list. And within five weeks, Jose  Guadarrama also joined the group. According to Marco audience wants this reunion, and they are happy to bring the spark of the group again.

Los Bukis Break Up

Los Bukis Reunion

On June 14, 2021, Los Bukis was lunched at SoFi Stadium and announced a reunion journey. This tour will be particular to four concerts, two in Inglewood, California, one in Arlington, Texas, and the fourth in Chicago, Illinois. The name of the tour is “Una Historia Cantada”. Multiple dates were added due to high demand.

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Famous Los Bukis Albums

Their notable works includes all time famous Mexican studio albums like Falso Amor, Lo Romántico de Los Bukis,  Juntos Otra Vez, Románticos De Corazón,  35 Aniversario,  Iconos: Los Bukis 25 Exitos are some of them.

Band Los Bukis is formally back in business with leader Marco Antonio Solís. They have announced their upcoming concerts. It will entertain at many venues, including Soldier Field in Chicago, Alamodome in San Antonio, NRG Stadium in Houston, RingCentral Coliseum in Oakland, IL AT & T Stadium in Arlington. Usually, Los Bukis tickets are range from as low as $ 59.00, with an average price of $ 156.00.

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