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Why Did ‘Long Island Medium’ Star Theresa Get Divorced?

You must all be well aware of the ‘Long Island Medium’ show’s lead Theresa Caputo. Theresa Caputo has been running the show successfully for 14 seasons since 2011. Well, coming straight to the point. The reason you’re all here. Yes, as we all know, Theresa and now ex-husband Larry Caputo got divorced back in 2017.  The reason for the surprising announcement is now finally revealed.

Theresa Caputo is a psychic medium situated in America. Her TLC reality show- Long Island Medium revolves around Theresa’s surprising ability to communicate with the dead. Several guests who wish to communicate with their lost ones are invited over to the show.  Larry Caputo, Theresa’s now ex-husband, is an American Television star as well as a professional Hockey player. The couple, Larry and Theresa made the headlines because of their divorce.

Theresa And Larry 28 Years Of Marriage

The known TV star face Theresa was married to Larry for almost 28 years when they both mutually decided to separate.  Theresa was 18 when they first started dating. Two years later, the couple got married to each other and was together for almost three decades. Theresa and Larry are parents to their two children- Larry Jr. and Victoria.

Theresa Caputo and Husband Larry Divorced

Theresa and Larry On The Day Of Their Marriage

The couple and the entire Caputo family were loved by the audience. The viewers appreciated how entertaining and strong their bonds were. This is clearly why the separation came off as a shock for the fans.

Why Did Theresa And Larry Divorce?

Unfortunately, Theresa and Larry Caputo’s marriage did not end on a happy note. They, to the fan’s surprise, announced their separation in 2017. Both got back together for a while after the separation announcement. But the couple called it a quit finally in December 2018. Both of them kept their lives and business private after they broke things off. They did not answer questions revolving around their marriage, separation, its reasons, as well as future plans. Although, before the official divorce, the two at different points of times opened up about their marriage and other issues the couple was facing. It was captured on the season finale of Long Island Medium, in December 2017, where Larry went all out and expresses about the split-up.

Theresa and Husband Larry Divorced

Long Island Medium Star Theresa and Husband’s Larry’s Still Shot

Larry expressed, “We’re having a difficult time. I think a lot of the frustration has to do with us not spending the time together anymore,” he explained to his close friend Danny. “Along with that comes the lack of communication. He indicated how parting ways and losing a best friend is difficult. Larry further added, “As much as I try to busy myself so I’m not thinking about it, it’s still there. I know it’s very trying for both of us. I don’t want to make it just about me.” He continued that Theresa must be feeling the same. Clearly, it was nowhere around easy for the couple.

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Theresa’s Take

Theresa too added to the topic the same year on her show. She opened up and said, “Things at home have been really stressful lately and Larry and I have hit a bump in our relationship. And unfortunately, the truth is we’re considering spending some time apart. She explained how to get things off her mind, she kept herself busy and went out being more adventurous. Theresa further continued, “It’s weird because sometimes it’s like living two lives. In my work, I am crazy focused and in my life, my feelings and emotions are all over the place.”

Well, from Theresa and Larry’s talks, it comes off as a matter of lack of communication and quality time which eventually led to the divorce.  Though, separated the couple is very much united and supportive when it comes to their kids. According to them, their divorce in no way will affect their children. In fact, even after the hard separation, the couple has decided to stay friends.

Has The Couple Moved On?

It has been almost 3 years since the star and beloved couple got divorced. Now, the question, “Have they have moved on”? When it comes to Larry. Yes, Larry seems to have moved on. Larry moved to California after the divorce. He recently uploaded a happy picture with his rumored girlfriend, Connie Talley Stauddy. It is said that Larry and Connie met online and have been together for a while now. Larry himself confirmed in an interview, “I’m fortunate enough to say that I have met someone special,” he said. “But I’ll just leave it at that for now.”

On the other hand, Theresa Caputo, the TV star is for now focusing on her show and herself. She is treating herself with good family time. As well as great outings with friends. No news related to Theresa and her new love interest has been up. If it does, Otakukart will cover it for you. Stay Tuned!

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