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Why Did Boruto Stab Sasuke’s Eye? A Complete Theory & Analysis

Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha

Hello everyone, as we know, Boruto is currently making a rampage on the big screen. Fans are going crazy on social media. From Twitter to Facebook, every platform is ramping with the Boruto keyword. Isshiki is extremely powerful and almost pushed Seventh Hokage to his limits. Shadow Hokage i.e. Sasuke, falls short in front of Isshiki Otsusuki even with his Sharingan and 6 tomoe Rinnegan. Thanks to Baryon mode, Naruto finally manages to defeat Isshiki, but it costs too much for Naruto. Kurama is finally gone, and Naruto is left alone with his sole shinobi powers.

Today we will discuss all the upcoming details and theories related to Boruto’s forthcoming events. Today, we also see Boruto Stabbing Sasuke eye. So, we will discuss why Boruto did this and what impact this action created on the coming Shinobi world. So make sure you read this article till the end. This single article will be enough for you to know everything that is happening in the show. So without waiting any further, let’s dive straight into the topic.

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Why did Boruto Stab Sasuke Eye?

We all know Sasuke is the teacher of Boruto, so why did Boruto stab Sasuke’s eye? So the straight answer is, Boruto was unconscious, and Momoshiki possessed the body of Boruto. As Momoshiki saw the chance to defeat Naruto and Boruto, he stabs the rinnegan with Kunai. The other reason can be, Momoshiki did not want our heroes to go back using Sasuke’s Teleportation Jutsu, so to avoid this, he stabs the Rinnegan. Now, Sasuke’s rinnegan is gone, and he is left with Sharingan. So there comes a challenge in front of Naruto and his team, how they will return? We will get the answer next Sunday for sure, but Boruto and Kawaki need to become independent now as Naruto and Sasuke can’t help them more out.

So a question comes to your mind, How Momoshiki possessed the body of Boruto? Don’t worry, we will answer this question. As Sasuke told, Boruto used all of his Chakra, and at the same time, Momoshiki possessed him with his Chakra. Boruto got unconscious, and all of his body got covered by the data of Momoshiki. So this way, Boruto stab the eye of Sasuke.

Boruto stabbing Sasuke eye

Boruto stabbing Sasuke eye

What will the future holds?

Now, as the Kurama from Naruto and Rinnegan from Sasuke is gone, what will happen now? How powerful will they be in the near future, and how Seventh Hokage and Shadow Hokage tackle the challenges that will arrive in Future? Well, the answer is simple, they need to use their sole shinobi skill to spar with villains. Naruto still has a huge chakra reserve because he belongs to Uzumaki Family. Uzumaki’s are known to have a huge chakra reserve than others, and he can still use his Sage Mode along with Rasenshuriken and Rasengan. Sasuke still has its Sharingan with top-class Uchihas powers like Fire style and Chidori, so we can still say they are powerful enough to challenge Momoshiki level Villains. And they also have some cool friends who can support them in a tough fight. Boruto and Kawaki are getting powerful with their Karma powers so they can sustain the Future after the age of Naruto and Sasuke. Sarada will surely learn healing abilities from her mother, so it will be interesting to watch Uchiha’s powers mixed with the powers of Senju. Mitsuki is still there with his cool snake powers. So we can still hope Leaf Village is still left with cool warriors.

Why did Boruto Stab Sasuke Eye?

Goodbye to Kurama

So this was the complete theory of Why Boruto Stab the eye of Sasuke. If you love this article, do share it with your friends and also follow us on our social media handles. We will meet you soon with more awesome articles. Until then, Goodbye.

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