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Why Did Big Sean And Ariana Grande Break Up, What Really Happened?

Why Did Big Sean And Ariana Grande Break Up?
Why Did Big Sean And Ariana Grande Break Up?

One of the most famous and most talked about a couple “Big Sean And Ariana Grande” has separated from each other and this was the biggest news of 2015 that most of you might be familiar with, and we know many of you might have come to know all this now only, and today, we have got each and every detail about their relationship status, why did they separate, the main reason and all the gossips that you all want to listen, we will be covering each and everything in-depth that you are extremely curious to know about as a fan and everything is here.

Both of them have been remained really private regarding their personal lives, but after their break-up, they both openly announced the reason behind it and all the conditions and scenarios that pushed them to take this serious and really drastic step. But even after all this, they both are really happy with each other and still are very good friends, and this became clear after some of their interviews which have recently happened. Now, we would like to throw some light on all the queries that their fans are searching for.

Big Sean And Ariana Grande

Big Sean And Ariana Grande At The Red Carpet Of The Grammy Awards

Why Did Big Sean And Ariana Grande Break Up?

One of the most loved couples ever that received much love from their fans when they officially came together in a relationship and were giving major couple couples for months were making it big in their personal as well as professional life. But ending their relationship just after being together for eight and a half months was something undigestable, and fans of both of them were really not happy with their decision as they want both of them to be together and to come up with some mind-blowing songs and music combinations.

Back in 2015, they badly shocked all their fans by officially announcing their separation from each other, but amongst all of the well know couples, they are one of those who will always be remembered by the fans as a beautiful couple. Without any hesitation, they both clearly mentioned the reasons behind their break-up, and it was something that the fans understood very well and supported both of them in their difficult situations, and now you all know how well they both are doing in the professional as well as personal life and are hitting up high.

Big Sean And Ariana Grande

Big Sean At MTV Awards

Both of them mentioned that the reason behind their separation is their busy schedule as both of them are extremely busy on their music world tours and recording new songs and all their commitments that are making up their schedule very tight, and they even don’t have few minutes to relax. This led to both of them not spending together and messing up the romantic couple moments. With time, it became harder and harder for both of them to cope up with everything, and they didn’t want their personal or professional life to suffer at any cost.

So, by talking up and making up their decisions, they both mutually decided on the break-up but decided to remain good friends forever. Most of the couple who get separated makes this promise with each other but fails to follow it, but they both are not from those, even after years they are still very good friends, and in a recent interview, Ariana mentioned that Sean was the first person to listen his single “Thank U, Next” and he was the one who appreciated her song and approved it, and she keeps taking a lot of advice from him.

Big Sean And Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande: American Music Personality

What Are They Doing As Of Now?

Big Sean has been doing really good in his career as of now and has released a lot of singles that have got billions of views, and he has managed to gather a huge fan following throughout the globe that loves to listen to his songs on loop. On the other hand, Ariana has made it even bigger as she has recently crossed 200 million followers on her Instagram account, and she has become the third most followed person on Instagram, and her songs have even completely smashed the music industry after getting billions of views.

Also, both of them moved on with other persons in their life and started dating some other people soon after their split. Ariana Grande started dating American rapper Mac Miller, and Big Sean started dating American singer-songwriter Jhene Aiko. Both of them are doing really well in their lives as of now and have achieved all the fame and success that they deserved very well and also the personal life is going on very well, and both of them are living a good life with their new partners.

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