Why Did Ali And Daniel Break Up? All To Know About their Relationship in Cobra Kai

Ali And Daniel

Ali Mills, aka Elizabeth Shue, is apparently the treasured fictional character from Cobra kai. Ali grew up in a wealthy family in Los Angeles and is certainly judged on her social status. Her belongingness to the rich family played a prominent role in her splits. However, her role did receive many negative reviews from the critics for destroying the originality of the show’s character. But Mills managed her way swiftly and persuaded the audience to complete the whole season.

The whole season, Ali Mills is extensively seen breaking up and jumping on the new one pretty soon, which also became a reason behind her break up with Daniel. And even after the breakup, the two cannot agree on the same explanation of the story. Throughout her relationship with Daniel, Johny became the actual barrier and somehow succeeded in his deed. The breakup story of Daniel and Ali is quite intriguing, so scroll down to find out the actual reason behind their breakup.

How Did Ali Met Daniel?

Ali met Daniel the summer before their senior year of high school. She first saw Daniel at the beach party, where her friends told her that Daniel was completely off-limits. Ali belongs to the rich family “Hills,” and Daniel was not born with a silver spoon. They again met at the soccer ground when he taught her some of the tricks. On seeing Daniel and Ali, Johny intervenes in their conversation and drives his bike from the middle. Instead of telling several times, Johny constantly contacts Ali, which makes Daniel stand against him. But not being a karate guy makes Daniel a weak opponent for Johny and hence gets beaten up.

How did Ali meet Daniel?
Ali and Daniel

The next day Ali introduced herself as Ali with an I, and Daniel introduced himself as Daniel with an I. Later Ali tells Daniel about her and Johny and their breakup. The conversation continues as she encourages him to stand against Johny, who she thinks is a bully and wants everyone to work just as he says. Daniel finally asks her out for a date, and there Ali meets with his mom. The base of the relationship intensifies when Ali accepts Daniel’s status and gets acquainted with his mother. Lucille, Daniel’s mother, and Daniel are driven by Ali’s down-to-earth nature when she helps them to get the car started.

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Why Did Ali And Daniel Break Up?

The major misunderstanding between Ali and Daniel started when Ali invited Daniel to meet her after dinner with her parents. The social class became a distance between them after Johny was called to attend the Elite country club by Ali’s parents. Even after opposing, Ali is compelled to dance with Jonhy by her mother and ends up hitting him in the face. Ali considerably denied when Johny tried to kiss her, which was an intentional act to outrage Daniel, who was watching them in the kitchen. Ali storms away, but Daniel somehow misses the last scene as he collides with the kitchen staff and gets spaghetti spilled on him. Later after some days, Daniel meets Ali at the arcade, and they argue about the kiss with Johny.

Ali And Johny
Ali And Johny

Daniel misunderstands and excuses her for being a rich snob and behaving badly with him for not being rich with a fancy car. The statement infuriates Ali, who thought Daniel of being a different person who ended up just being the same as others. She explained how he is wrong about the social class discomfort. And Daniel realizes Ali’s denial of Johny’s kiss. Daniel, on realizing his mistake, apologizes, and Ali agrees to support him the next at the tournament against Johny. Ali is asked to stand next to the ring as she is Mr. Miyagi’s translator. And since neither of them was familiar with competitive karate, Ali became the knight in the shining armor for Daniel and explained the strategy to Daniel at the last moment. Daniel, however, reaches the end and defeats Johny, and Ali scurries Daniel to herald his victory.

But the things didn’t work out well for them, and they broke up after six months. When Daniel enters Mr. Miyagi’s home, all dressed in a tuxedo with a badly broken car, Mr. Miyagi asked what’s the situation as he was curious to know the reason behind his broken car. Daniel’s reply says it all as he let Ali borrow his car, who did something with the engine which is not working fine now. Daniel finally accepts the break up and that Ali has fallen in love with some football player from UCLA. Sad Daniel didn’t want her to tell the truth, which hurt him a lot and made him furious.

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