Who Won The American Song Contest? Find Out How It Was A Win For K-POP!

winner of American song contest

After last night’s finale, everyone is curious to know who won the American Song Contest? Allow us to break it down for you! As the title suggests, the American song contest is a US-based reality TV show. It follows the footsteps of the Eurovision song contest and is, by and large similar. The ultimate objective of the show is to crown the individual who produces the best original songs on a point-based system. The American song contest is extremely entertaining and addicting to watch the contestants compete for the ultimate title.

The show started airing on 21st March 2022 and continued till 9th May 2022, when the season finale was premiered. The series was initially set to release way back in February. However, it was postponed in favor of another show America’s Got Talent: Extreme. In addition to this were the concerns surrounding the global Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, there were participants from across the 56 countries in the US, including the five territories and Washington DC. The series was released on the NBC television network, with Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson being the primary hosts of the show.

Who Won The American Song Contest?

The 2022 version of the American song contest crowned AleXa from Oklahoma with the title of the best original song as she scored 710 points. The way of judging and scoring the points was unlike any other show. Just like how each contestant represented a different part of the US. The judging panel comprised a pool of 56 experts from the music industry, each corresponding to a different territory. Ultimately, the scores will be determined after considering the aggregates of votes received from each territory, irrespective of the population.

Who won American song contest?
AleXa wins the American Song contest.

The winning track was titled Wonderland. If you are a fan of Korean pop music, the name AleXa certainly rings a bell. AleXa competed against some well-known artists such as Jewel and Micheal Bolton before emerging as the winner of the American song contest. She is an American singer based out of South Korea who represented Oklahoma on the show. Fans were beyond ecstatic to hear the news of her grand win. They believe she truly deserves the title owing to her angelic voice and unforgettable performances.

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More About The American Song Contest Winner – AleXa

AleXa’s real name is Alexandra Christine Schneiderman. She was born on 9th December 1996 and is a singer cum dancer based out of South Korea. AleXa has featured in numerous reality TV shows, such as the two seasons of Rising Legends. She bagged the grand prize in the dancer’s category in the first season of the show. During the second season, she emerged as the all-around winner of the talent competition. AleXa featured even on Mnet’s Produce 48, where she ranked 82nd. She has also expressed her willingness to participate in more survival shows if given the chance.

Winner of American song contest 2022
K-POP star AleXa represents Oklahoma

In 2018, AleXa signed an exclusive contract with the ZB label (Zanybros) of South Korea. She began her journey as an idol at the agency and trained for almost two years. She finally took center stage and debuted as a K-POP singer in the year 2019. AleXa is a versatile artist specializing in various dance forms such as Jazz, Ballet, and even acrobatics. During a recent interview, AleXa revealed the go-to artists she enjoyed listening to. The list included Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan, and even HyunA.

The Bottom Line

Now that we found out who won the American Song Contest? It is no doubt that AleXa made history with her win. It is definitely a time for celebration for her fans. She is an up-and-rising musical star both in South Korea and across the world. Her music is groovy and rather addicting. We hope to see more of her talent and skill in her upcoming projects. Catch her latest single right here! Let us know what you think, and stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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