Who Will Rudeus Marry in Mushoku Tensei?

who will rudeus marry in mushoku tensei
Rudeus Greyrat

Who will Rudeus marry in Mushoku Tensei?’ Yeah, I was also excited to know about that lucky girl, but I wanted to see him with Eris. Well, who knows? So let’s move on to the topic because it is interesting to know about Rudeus and his married life. So without wasting any time, I am going to share all the amazing things about Mushoku Tensei, including Rudeus’ marriage. So please read the full article.

Rudeus is also known as Rudy, is the center of attraction in the anime series Mushoku Tensei. His full name is Rudeus Greyrat. He is the son of Paul and Zenith Greyrat. And he also has two cute sisters, one from Paul and Zenith, whose name is Norn Greyrat, and the second from Paul and Lilia, whose name is Aisha Greyrat.

Rudeus is a guy who reincarnated in a magical world where he learned how he could cast a magic spell without enchantments. In his previous life, he was a thirty-four years old man who was wasting his time by playing video games. Because he was bullied in high school by other classmates, he just lost all his confidence and began to live a NEET life. He had so many regrets about his NEET life, but one day when he saw a girl who was going to get hit by a truck, h jumped and saved her but lost his own life. From here begins the journey of Rudeus.

Who will Rudeus marry in Mushoku Tensei?

Rudeus will marry not just only one but with three beautiful girls. The first girl he will marry is Sylphiette. Sylphiette is also his childhood friend. And after that, the second girl Rudeus will marry is Roxy, who was his teacher when he was a child. And the last girl he will marry is Eris. Eris was his first student whom he taught about magic and how she could use magic spells.

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Relationship with all three wives

A relationship is the most important thing for the human world because we are all connected to our loved ones. Some relations are not made for together forever, but some are exceptions like we can see in the anime series Mushoku Tensei, where Rudeus is a guy who will marry three different girls who were his childhood friend, his teacher, and his students. It looks difficult to digest because all three girls had a different kind of different relationship in the first place with Rudeus.

Rudeus and Sylphiette

Rudeus Greyrat and Sylphiette are easy to put in words when their journey started from childhood friends. Rudeus met Sylphiette when three boys were bullying her for having green color hair. Because, in the anime, we have seen that Green colored hair represents Superd, a generation of people who were blamed for supporting Laplace. So, after saving Sylphiette, they became good friends, but somehow Sylphiette likes Rudeus. Syphiette asked Rudeus to teach her magic.

who will rudeus marry in mushoku tensei
Sylphiette and Rudeus | OtakuKart

Rudeus is not only her childhood friend but also her teacher. Because of her short hair, Rudy took him as a boy. He never knew that Sylphiette was a girl until the incident happened after getting wet in the rain. As a friend, he wanted to protect her, so he asked her to remove her clothes so she would not catch a cold. And here is what happened, Sylphiette started to like her. Their bonding was increasing day by day, and if we see them as an example of a perfect childhood type honest love-oriented relationship, they are perfect for each other as a couple.

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Rudeus and Roxy

The journey of both, Rudeus and Slyphiette have not only just begun, but the journey of Roxy and Rudeus have also begun. Roxy was the first girl who came into his life. Roxy was hired by Paul and Zenith Greyrat so that she could teach Rudeus about magic. Her appearance is the opposite if we compare it to her age and experience. She looks like a kid who is around 12 years old, but in reality, she was 44 years old, and her experience in magic is far better than Rudeus until he surpassed her.

who will rudeus marry in mushoku tensei
Roxy and Rudeus | OtakuKart

Their first interaction was confusing because both were thinking that, ” why is there a small kid?” and made a funny incident at first. But with time, Rudeus started to fall in love with her and told her innocently that “I like you”. Roxy said that “if he says the same thing after ten years, then she will accept her proposal.” That was so sweet. We never knew that their innocent conversation would become reality in one day.

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Rudeus and Eris

Like Syphiette and Roxy, Eris also met Rudeus when they were a kid. Because of Roxy’s recommendations and Syphiette’s responsibility as a friend, he wanted to take admission to Ranoa Magic Academy with Syphiette. So he asked his father to help him to find a job so that he can fill her tuition fees. After getting a job teaching magic and arithmetic, he went to see the student. But the student was Eris Boreas Greyrat, who was the daughter of Rudeus’ father’s cousin.

who will rudeus marry in mushoku tensei
Eris and Rudeus | OtakuKart

Her personality is kind of tough from the outside and soft from the inside. When they first met, they both did not like each other. Especially Eris, who was always beating Rudeus. But with time, especially on Rudeus’ tenth birthday, she told him that she likes him not directly but indirectly. And after that, she always tried her best to protect her, so she worked hard in learning swordsmanship. Her love for Rudeus and Rudeus’s love for Eris is unconditional. Because of her tough personality, she is not good at female-like emotions, but still, Rudeus loves her, and this is what matters the most.

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