Who Will Conquer The Throne In ‘King Of Mask Singer’ Episode 336?

King Of Mask Singer Episode 336
Winter Child and Winter Sea

King of Mask Singer Episode 336 is coming this weekend! Finally, the four semi-finalists have been selected for Round 2. However, will they stand against the four consecutive wins, masked queen Bear Paw? After all, battling against Bear Paw is not an easy thing. Round one matches have welcomed eight new masked singers, and one of them will have a face-off against Bear Paw in the upcoming episode. However, during the first round, no one has stood out. But then again, there is Round 2 that will show the allures of the semi-finalists.

The recent episode shows new participants are from various areas of entertainment. However, all of them hold distinct captivating vocals. It seems early to judge their capabilities, but only four of them have passed the first round. Unlike the other episodes, the latest one begins with a brighter performance. The first four contestants go with the ever-green songs Only You by Park Gu Yoon and Our Happy Love by Choi Sung Soo. Also, the following four participants have showcased their singing techniques, especially Spotted Dog and Winter Child. However, will they be able to defeat the masked queen Bear Paw? It is a big question for now! Find out how this intense singing battle ends in the upcoming King of Mask Singer Episode 336.

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Recap Of Ep 335 – New Eight Vocalists With Captivating Melodies 

Ep 335 of King of Mask Singer announces the next eight singing warriors, Let It Go, Let It Be, Shopping Cart, Bookmark, Go Game, Spotted Dog, Winter Child, and Winter Sea. Among eight, only four have passed the first round. Therefore, the show shares the owner of amazing vocals, who sadly could not continue. The first two singing battles deliver cheerful and bright vibes, starting the episode with positive energy. Comedian and Trot Singer Kim Myeong Seon (Let It Go) and Actress Bang Eun Hee (Shopping Cart) show off their powerful yet soft melodic vocals by singing Only You, Ring Ring, Our Happy Love, and Seoul Tango. Finally, we get to hear a trot performance! 

King Of Mask Singer Episode 336
Shopping Cart

However, the last two matches of Round 1 display fierce singing battles. Even the panelists expect one of them will be a powerful competitor for Bear Paw. Spotted Dog and Winter Child have shown brilliant performances, showing off their smooth, delicate, husky vocals. It will be thrilling to watch one of them competing against Bear Paw. However, the show also farewells two invaluable vocalists, Rapper Minari from season 9 of Show Me The Money and retired pro Baseball Player Choi Jun Seok. Overall, it seems the competitors have not shown their real charms yet! Therefore, the 167the generation battle in King of Mask Singer Episode 336 will be more intense! It will be more entertaining to watch, where all four remaining vocalists unveil their charisma!

King Of Mask Singer Episode 336 Release Date & Preview

King Of Mask Singer Episode 336 will be released on 19 December 2021 at 6.05 pm KST on the MBC network. With the first competition over, four semi-finalists, Let It Be, Bookmark, Spotted Dog, and Winter Child, have moved to the next round. However, Spotted Dog and Winter Child have performed wonderfully during the first match. But the question remains the same, are they really capable of defeating the masked queen Bear Paw? 

King Of Mask Singer Episode 336
Spotted Dog

The preview of King of Mask Singer Episode 336 is already out. It seems the upcoming episode will show different charms of the four semi-finalists. After all, vocalists do perform various types of genres in different rounds. Therefore, Round 2 will be more intense than the previous one since they have to defeat Bear Paw. The preview also shows some panelists have already found a new masked king while the others believe that there is no match for Bear Paw yet. Who could stand the four consecutive wins masked queen Bear Paw? Will she become the winner of the 167th generation and conquer her throne? Or will someone else break her record? Find out who will sit on the throne in the new episode of King of Mask Singer this Sunday! Every episode airs for 90 minutes. 

Watch King Of Mask Singer Korean Variety Show Episode 336 Online – Streaming Details

South Korean fans can watch the variety show on the MBC channel at 6.05 pm KST. Later, it will also be available on Wavve (accessible only in South Korea). For the other countries, the episode will release on the same day at 4.05 am in the USA, 9.05 am in the UK, 2.35 pm in India, and 8.05 pm in Australia. Global fans can watch King of Mask Singer Korean variety show on Rakuten Viki and Kocowa with English Subtitles.

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