Who Will Be The Top Student In ‘My Teenage Girl’ Episode 9?

My Teenage Girl Episode 9

We are just a few days away from watching My Teenage Girl Episode 9! The last episode was full of amazing and fierce performances by the contestants as well as emotional goodbyes. There is no doubt that both of the alliances, The Sophomores and Freshman and The Seniors And Juniors, had an amazing rap line. Going first, The Seniors and Juniors team performed Doja Cat’s Boss B*tch by adding their own lyrics. While The Sophomores and Juniors, with their own magical touch, performed BTS’s iconic song that swept the Billboards Charts ‘Mic Drop’. The maknae of the group unleashed her hidden talent that is rap. She nailed the rap. The team that won this position was the Juniors and Seniors team. Meanwhile, we saw fierce competition between the all-rounders of both of the alliances.

Sa Rang was selected as the all-rounder of the Sophomores and Freshmen and had given a spectacular performance of Blackpink’s Lisa’s Money. The triple threat of the Juniors and Seniors, Mi Hee performed the tough song ‘Next Level’ and showcased Aespa’s amazing vocals perfectly. However, by the end of the all-rounder’s competition, everyone was left shocked. Sa Rang had won against Mi Hee, but the suspiring thing was that both of the alliance’s points had been in a tie. This called for an emergency meeting among the homeroom teachers. The audience can’t hold back their suspicions that maybe this is all gameplay from the side of Mnet itself. As a decision had to be made anyway, it was decided that only the top two or one contestant from each grade would be selected for the debut team in the upcoming round.

As team members turn from friends to enemies, the tension is rises higher. Keep reading for more!

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?

My Teenage Girl Episode 9 will finally show what is in for the contestants. In the last minutes of the episodes, the Junior team members Kim Yunseo, Choi Yoonjung, Kim Hyun-hee, Lee Taerim, Lee Jiwoo, and Oh Jieun performed the cutesy song ‘Likey’ and the song that is as hip as the name Mamamoo’s ‘Hip’. The end results were Hyun Hee getting the most votes and was followed by Yoon Jung, Ji Eun, Yun Seo, Ji Woo, and Tae Rim. With the intense match between the former team members, fans can’t wait to see which of their favorites will be able to secure a spot for themselves in the debut girl group.

My Teenage Girl Episode 9
The Junior Team cr: MBC

In the upcoming episode, we will get to see the Freshman members will be showing off their badass side while be performing LOONA’s Why Not? and Blackpink’s How You Like That. Furthermore, the Sophomores will be showing their cool side while performing Girl’s Generation TT’s Twinkle and BTS’s Butter. Finally, we will get to see the amazing vocals of the Seniors when they perform GFriend’s Time For The Moon Night and their homeroom teacher Jeon Soyeon’s group (G)I-dle’s Uh-Oh. In the preview, we could see the contestants fighting over the parts that will make them stand out more and will help them to finally debut after all of this struggling. No one can deny that the upcoming episode will be filled with drama.

My Teenage Girl Episode 9 Release Date

My Teenage Girl Episode 9 will be released on January 23, this Sunday. The tough survival show airs new episodes filled with outstanding performances every Sunday at 8:20 pm according to Korean Standard Time. The show plans to make a girl group consisting of members from each Grade. These grades are led by famous names like Aiki, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, (G)I-dle’s Soyeon, and Ock Joo Hyun. Honestly, none of us can wait for the twelfth episode to see which of these contestants make it to the end!

My Teenage Girl Episode 9
The Homeroom Teachers cr: MBC

Where To Watch My Teenage Girl Episode 9?

The Korean audience of the survival show can watch My Teenage Girl Episode 9 on MBC every Sunday at 8:20 pm KST. In addition to that, the international viewers can watch the episodes either on Rakuten Viki or Kocowa. Also, the airing time is  6:20 am in the USA, 11:20 am in the UK, 4:50 pm in India, and 10:20 pm in Australia.

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