Who was Kim Kardashian’s First Husband? Everything About Him

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Kim Kardashian is a famous American media personality, socialite, model, businesswoman, producer, and actress.

Who was the first husband of socialite star Kim Kardashian? Kim Kardashian a name that rules television in the States. A little girl from Armenian background has made her empire worth talking about. Born on 21 Oct 1980, she is 40 years old model, media personality, businesswoman, socialite, and actress. Known to us as Kim Kardashian has an Armenian name as Heghine. Kim Kardashian first appeared in the limelight as a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton. She sought to receive a wider notice after her 2002 sex tape was released. Then after Kim and her family started appearing in the reality television program, which brought the Kardashians to the peak of success.

The program was “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” which started in 2007. Even all of its spin-offs are equally popular. What notably come to people’s mind hearing about Kardashians is controversies. I mean, they rule controversies as high as the height of Mount Everest. Well, Kim has Khloe and Kourtney as her blood sisters, accompanying Kendell and Kylie Jenner as stepsisters. What surrounds these girls is hype, fame, money, a list of boyfriends, drama, and controversies.

Pic of Kim Kardashian

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Who was Kim Kardashian’s First Husband?

Damon Thomas was the first husband of Kim Kardashian. Who is Damon Thomas, and what bond does he share with “keeping up with Kardashian” starring Kim Kardashian. Well, currently, Kim and Demon are divorced, but Damon was the first guy Kim married to. Kim Kardashian married Damon Thomas in the year 2000. Damon and Kim’s marriage was quite fictional. As mentioned before, the life of Kardashians is dramatic. Well, Damon and Kim Kardashian eloped and got married to each other. Kim got married when she was 19 years of age, and Damon was ten years older than his bride.

Their romance didn’t last for long and their love story came to an end in the year 2004. Sadly, Kim and Damon got divorced after 4 years of their marriage in 2004 and their relationship came to an end. Not a lot many know about Damon Thomas. The reason being, Kim Kardashian married Damon much before, she became a highlighted figure to the Hollywood industry. Damon Thomas was a music producer and had worked with Harvey jr. Damon had produced music for famous movies like Dreamgirls, Pitch Perfect, and The Help.

Pic of Damon Thomas
First hubby of Kim Kardashian – Damon Thomas

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Why were Kim and Damon divorced?

What could be the reason for the failure of their wonderfully dramatic relationship? It did last for four years, but 2004 brought an end to their relationship. Kim confessed that their relationship not turning out well was due to Dalton controlling behavior. She confessed that in one of the episodes of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Moreover, she also mentioned him being the ‘the king of the castle’ who decides what they would do and when. Kim even confessed it was Damon who convinced her to drop out of college and quit working at the Kardashian clothing store.

From Damon’s point of view, it’s contrary. He even told the media outlets that it wasn’t Kim Kardashian who filled him for divorce. Rather he had filled up a divorce from her. He added he divorced her cause he found her cheating on him.

Damon Thomas and Kim Kardashian

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The current life of Kim Kardashian

Currently, Kim Kardashian is married to the American hip-hop rapper Kanye West. Kim Kardashian was married to Kanye West on 24 May 2014, and their relationship has gone a lot of bounces and backs. But they always managed to be together, supporting each other. Kim and Kanye are blessed with five children two daughters – North and Chicago and three sons – Saint, Five, and Psalm. Unique names for kids, obvious when you have unique parents like Kim and Kanye.

There was speculation about Kim and Kanye getting divorce lately, and speculation turned out to be true when Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye on 19 Feb 2019. Whether they get divorced or not is a matter of time. What is your opinion on that? Will the historic blizzard of celebrity come to an end?

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