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Who Was Jim Hutton Dating? Everything To Know

who is jim hutton dating
Jim Hutton

One of the most popular love stories of the 80s was of a celebrity hairdresser. He was none other than Jim Hutton. Even after almost 10 years of his death, Jim’s personal life is still a part of the discussion. A hint on his personal life was given in the 2018 film Bohemian Rhapsody. Since then, the question of who was Jim Hutton dating has surfaced on the internet. Throughout his life, Jim was a secretive person. It was hard to find out information about the hairdresser. Likewise, he kept his personal life at bay. But it was not easy to keep away an important part of his life away from the paparazzi. Hence, Jim Hutton’s love life has still been a hot topic of discussion.

Jim Hutton was in the news largely for his link-ups with the former British rock band Queen. During his last time, Jim revealed a lot of things related to the band and its members. He was speculated of being very close to one of its members. However, all these things have brought a storm on the internet. Meanwhile, his part in the Bohemian Rhapsody created a stir. Since then, the netizens have gone snoopy to find out more about Jim Hutton. Likewise, who was he dating? Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing who was Jim Hutton dating? Likewise, we will lift the curtains from his love life in detail alongside discussing his livelihood. Here’s what we know about Jim Hutton.

Who Was Jim Hutton Dating?

Jim Hutton

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Who was Jim Hutton dating?

Jim Hutton was related to a famous rock band member in his life. He was none other than Freddie Mercury. Yes, you heard it right. Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury were together for a long time. However, their relationship came to end in the year 1991. It was when the Queen member died of his serious ailment. Throughout their time together, both Jim and Freddie kept silent about their relationship. However, they never left each other’s sides. Like every other relationship, there were complications in theirs too. But, they stood out on every difficulty and proved to be the true love in each other’s life. Jim revealed this news after his partner died in the year 1991.

Throughout his life, Jim Hutton remained Freddie’s closest person. As a result, Freddie left with a large amount of money for his partner. It was devastating for Jim to be alone with the memories of his love. As a result, he left Freddie’s place after his death. Later, he used the money to build his home. However, not much was available about Jim Hutton. But his significant role in Freddie’s life was hinted at in the movie. This became one of the major reasons behind the desperation of the netizens to dig into the love story.

Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury: Relationship Timeline

Hutton and Freddie Mercury’s love story was no less than an unrequited one. The gloomy love story has captured everyone’s heart. The duo first met in a club in London in the year 1985. However, their first meeting was not a memorable one. Freddie asked for a drink with him to which Jim refused. Consequently, Jim and Freddie moved apart. But destiny had some other plans for them. After almost 18 months, their paths crossed once again. That was it. Since then, they started dating. There were many complications in their life. Moreover, Freddie’s popularity played a major role in creating complications between them.

Jim Hutton once recalled that Mercury’s fandom became a curse for them. Fortunately, Freddie kept hold of his fandom and his relationship in a proper way. However, when Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS, he thought it to be the end of their relationship. But, Jim decided to stay alongside his partner till the last day. And the same happened. They never went public with their relationship. Likewise, Freddie never confirmed his homosexuality with anyone. It seemed the best for them. That was a time when gay marriage was illegal. However, they made a promise of staying together till the end. As a symbol of their relationship, Jim and Freddie wore wedding bands till their last breath.

Who Was Jim Hutton Dating?

Jim published a memoir in 1994 revealing his relationship with Freddie Mercury.

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