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‘Who Rules the World’ Ending – What Does The Future Hold For Bai Feng Xi?

who rules the world ending
Who Rules the World. cr: Otakukart

Chinese dramas have been getting their well-deserved moment in the sun. Unlike Korean dramas, which can prove to be a little conservative and too preachy for the new generation, Chinese dramas have been rising in popularity. There seems to be a trend where everything related to East Asia culture is being accepted and appreciated in western countries like the United States of America and Canada. One of the most popular Chinese dramas of 2022 has been “Who Rules the World.” Just in a couple of days, this drama will be wrapping up, and fans want to know about Who Rules the World ending.

Who Rules the World is a romance, fantasy, wuxia Chinese drama, which also has a historical spin to it. Who Rules the World is a drama in which you will be able to find something of your liking since it has themes of revenge, betrayal, and political unrest while having two protagonists who have fallen in love with each other despite being on the opposite ends of history. Keep on reading to come across some theories about Who Rules the World ending.

who rules the world ending

Who Rules the World. cr: Tencent Video

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Who Rules the World Plot

In the Chinese drama, Who Rules the World, we meet Hei Feng Xi, who is played by Yang Yang. Hei Feng Xi is handsome and intelligent. On the other hand, we have Bai Feng Xi, played by Zhao Lu Si, who is rebellious and tenacious. According to the rule of Chinese dramas, opposites will attract each other, and they will fall in love. This romance blooms in the middle of a fierce battle fraught with corruption, revenge, and political tension. In the last ten year, blood has been spilled, and yet, these two characters continue to fall deeper in love with each other. At the same time, both the protagonists have to keep their identities hidden from each other. However, as the drama progresses ahead, it can be seen that He Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi join hands in order to fight against the evil forces that threaten to tear them apart. The ultimate question still remains – who will rule the world? You can watch the latest episode of Who Rules the World on Netflix!

who rules the world ending

Who Rules the World. cr: Tencent Video.

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Who Rules the World Ending Explained

The ending of Who Rules the World cannot be confirmed for now, since the last episode of the very popular Chinese drama has not yet aired. However, there have been a lot of theories as to how the ending for Who Rules the World will pan out.

In the latest episode, it was seen that Qingzhou has no one in its support ever since both the brother and the father have died. So, Feng Xi Yue was appointed as its princess who is set to inherit the throne. Bai Feng Xi also returned to Qingzhou in order to restore Feng Xi Yue’s honor. However, the tables were turned, and she was canonized as the Queen of Qingzhou. Bai Feng Xi is also confused and ambivalent as to what the future will hold. The main question viewers have if Bai Feng Xi will be able to prove herself as a queen who can consolidate her power?

Hei Feng Xi was also played an active role when Bai Feng Xi ascended to the throne, making him a promised confidant who vowed to stay by Bai Feng Xi’s side, no matter what. Mo Yuqi and Yinquan Shuixie were also avid supporters of Bai Feng Xi and are doing everything in their power to ensure that she stays in power. But everything falls apart when Heifeng and Baixi are ambushed late at night by none other than the Prince of Jizhou. Viewers are on the edge of their seats, wondering what fate holds for Heifeng and Baixi.

who rules the world ending

Who Rules the World. cr: Tencent Video

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