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Who Ruined MrBeast? The Name Finally Unveiled!

Who Ruined Mr Beast

Here, we will see Who Ruined MrBeast. Fans are no stranger to the fan-favorite figure YouTuber MrBeast who’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson. Jimmy couldn’t create the varied types of content he currently puts out without the help of his skilled team. His current team includes Karl Jacobs, Chris Tyson, and Chandler Hollow, who assist him on the video-making process. The young star is already making a whopping $78,000 a year from AdSense revenue on his YouTube channel!

This revenue is an addition to the money he makes from lucrative campaigns and his work with MrBeast. However, there have been accusations against the twenty-two-year-old popular member Karl Jacobs. What is this hate all about? Some fans have accused him of the sole reason for Mr. Beast’s video quality dropping over the years. Why are some fans canceling Karl Jacobs online? According to many, Karl Jacobs has ruined Mr. Beast’s videos, and many do not appreciate the young star’s brand of comedy. Let us find out Who Ruined MrBeast.

Who Ruined MrBeast?

MrBeast hired 22-year-old popular star Karl Jacobs to work for him. Soon, his work got huge recognition on Youtube and social media. Karl soon dropped out of college and started making more videos while assisting Jimmy Donaldson. Karl Jacob recently joined forces with other Minecraft streamers and celebrated Pride Month this June. He posted a heartfelt tweet to commemorate the month.

Who Ruined Mr Beast

Karl Jacobs

While the young star is immensely popular amongst his followers, it seems like a few haters accused him of ruining the quality of the videos that MrBeast has uploaded. These people further claimed that there hadn’t been any recent drop in these videos since Karl Jacob’s arrival.

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YouTube Star PewDiePie Supports Karl Jacobs!

Not only fans but another Youtube star has recently extended his support towards the young Karl Jacobs. Amidst growing allegations about ruining MrBeast’s video quality, PewDiePie has finally broken his silence about the matter. PewDiePie recently stumbled upon the going allegations against Karl Jacobs and called the haters out! He further asked people to stop hating on Karl and claimed that these heaters are just jealous!

PewDiePie further sends out a positive message for the fellow Youtuber, saying that haters are just people who hate themselves. He asked Karl not to be sad. PewDiePie further said that TikTok hates Karl and called TikTok dumb! Online hate is nothing new for YouTubers, as many have come under fire over the years. However, their loyal fan base has time and again defended their actions and extended their support against online trolling or bullying.

Why Is Karl Jacobs Facing Such Major Hate From Fans?

While a few alleged that ever since Karl Jacobs came on board with MrBeast, his video qualities have considerably deteriorated. However, several supporters jumped in Karl’s support. Some even claimed that they watch MrBeast’s video only for Karl Jacobs. These allegations and hate come from the older fan base of MrBeast, who has called Karl out, calling his humor cringe! Karl Jacobs also came under fire for his association with fellow. Online figure Paul Denino, also known online as Ice Poseidon. Paul has a long and problematic history online. Fans did not quite appreciate Karl’s association with the controversial figure.

Who Ruined Mr Beast

Karl Jacobs

Karl Jacobs has, however, issued an apology. He made it clear that he does not endorse any of his actions and even stopped watching his content a long time ago. He further added that he knows that it is crucial to lead anyone that follows him as a mascot of positivity and comfort. Part of that is acknowledging when he makes mistakes and apologizing for them. He takes complete account of his association but did no support his whereabouts. This apology came in March, and this also might be one reason why Karl has been facing unnecessary hate from a few fans, although the young star has apologized for it on social media.

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