Who is Zoe Bakes’ Husband? The Popular Chef is Married

zoë bakes husband
Zoë Francois

Zoe works as a chef in the restaurant industry. She is a baking and cake-making recipe expert. Aside from cooking, Zoe is a fantastic instructor. She has published a number of books to help aspiring chefs improve their skills. Zoe’s actual birthday has yet to be determined. She is 46 years old right now. Her birth year is 1975, which may be deduced from her age, regardless of how old she is. Zoe is pursuing her dream full-time. When it comes to baking and teaching about cooking, she is quite enthusiastic. She qualifies as a gourmet specialist. Nowadays, people are eager to know about Zoe Bakes’ Husband. There is no information about Zoe’s education available on the internet. Her culinary training is reported to have taken place at the Culinary Institute of America.

She now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she runs a successful catering business. ZoeBakes is her own personal blogging site. She began baking when she was 22 years old in 1997. Zoe is regarded as one of the world’s top bread bakers. She is instructing others who are interested in learning how to cook. Zoe is a vibrant and healthy young lady. Zoe’s first job in the kitchen was as a frozen yogurt cake specialist. And now, after years of dedication, she has earned the title of the best pastry chef. Zoe has a sizable tan following on numerous social media platforms. Her Instagram account has around 300,000 followers and is growing.

Zoe Bakes’ Husband:

Who is Zoe Bakes’ Husband? Zoe is a happily married lady. Graham, her husband, is her life partner. They have two children together. Their names have not been revealed, but they are two and twelve years old. Zoe is grateful for the love and support she receives from her family. Zoe Francois is married to Graham, and her husband and children assist her with baking and occasionally appear in her interviews. Her happy family consists of her better half and her two children, who also appears to assist her with her housework.

zoë bakes husband
Zoë Francois

The total worth of Zoe Francois has not been revealed. Zoe began her career as a frozen yogurt cake maker, and she has gone on to achieve incredible success; she is arguably the best pastry chef and has the best recipe, so we can say she is fairly compensated. She also maintains a strong internet media presence. Zoe’s Instagram handle is @zoebakes, and she has roughly 322k followers.

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Rise to Fame of Zoe Bakes:

Zoe Francois doesn’t need a Wikipedia page because she is one of the most knowledgeable gourmet specialists. People adore the strategies she offers them, regardless of their age, and they are likely to appeal to people of all ages. Zoe Francois is one of the most well-known dough punchers in the world, and she is an inspiring and motivational figure for a lot of cooks. She is most known for her popular blogging website Zoe Bakes, but she is also the author of various publications, including THE NEW Artisan Bread in Five Minutes Every Day, Healthy Bread in Five Minutes Every Day, and a variety of other recipes.

Obviously, Wikipedia does not include Zoe. In any event, it’s only a matter of time before people start asking questions about her, and Wikipedia will soon include her. The Zoe heats were created with the goal of assisting home chefs in overcoming their fear of cooking and demonstrating some delectable delicacies. She began cooking in 1997 and is still going strong. Besides, there’s nothing we could find out about her education or background. Zoe is a 46-year-old woman. She is still young, vivacious, and charming. Indeed, even in her 40s, she appears shocking and moving, and she serves as an inspiration to many bread bakers throughout the world.

zoë bakes husband
Zoë Francois

Andrew Zimmern helped launch Zoe Francois’s Career.

As a child, Zoe Francois would show up to the commune kitchen for butter-churning duty, but according to ZoeBakes.com, her first actual food industry job was as an ice cream cake baker at a Ben & Jerry’s shop in Burlington, Vermont. “I couldn’t believe that they really paid me to do something so enjoyable,” she remarked. Then, in college, she had a cookie cart in downtown Burlington, selling baked cookies.

François was dissatisfied with her employment at an advertising agency after graduation, so she enrolled in culinary school to pursue baking (via Pastry Arts) which was her passion. She enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, but it wasn’t long before she was hired as a pastry chef assistant by Andrew Zimmern of “Bizarre Foods” fame. Soon after, he promoted her to executive pastry chef. Zimmern gave her lessons her how to market herself and helped her prepare for celebrity status, which she would later use in her work.

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