Who is YSL Rapper? All About the Controversial Atlanta Rap Star

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Today, we will discuss Who is YSL rapper? Everything is to be discussed here. Starting from the basics, with YSL rapper, we mean the famous one from Atlanta, none other than Young Thug. It’s named such because of the involvement of some alleged members of the Young Slime (YSL).

Originally known as Jeffery Lamar Williams, his music has been influencing this generation with the modern hip hop style and trap music too. His progressive mumbling rap style has also caught the attention of millions of youngsters. Some of Young Thug’s songs include- Go Crazy, Relationship, Pick Up The Phone, City Girls, etc.

Recently, this YSL rapper is making headlines for being arrested on gang-related charges, mainly violating the RICO Act. Many of you aren’t aware of the reason for such imprisonment. Also, a few of you are yet to know certain things about this YSL rapper, even his noteworthy musical works. Briefly, we may say, that he is not just known for his musical skills but also for his vocal style and fashion that have impressed the fans. Let’s dig into this article to learn more about Who is the YSL rapper?

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Who is the YSL rapper? All About Atlanta Rap Star

The YSL rapper is Young Thug from Atlanta, as mentioned above. Throughout his career to date, he has released numerous singles and a couple of studio albums. To be more precise, the list of some of his famous songs include- Gang Up, Patek Water, Better Believe,  Bad Boy, Take It To Trial, Go Crazy, Tick Tock, etc. Not to mention Young Thug’s albums which are titled So Much Fun and Punk respectively.

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Each of his works that are mentioned, has gained him immense fame and recognition in the industry. These aren’t the only ones. There are numerous mixtapes as well, through which this YSL rapper has earned popularity. These are- 1017 Thug, Black Portland, Slime Season, I’m Up, Beautiful Thugger Girls, and many more.

Who is the YSL rapper
Young Thug is the YSL rapper

Because of his versatility, Young Thug has won MTV Video Music Award, American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, and some other prestigious accolades too. He has collaborated with various artists such as Travis Scott, Rihanna, Gucci Mane, Tyga, Rich Homie Quan, etc. He has become the center for US raps in recent years. Not to mention his turning point, when his works Stoner and Danny gloves were released and became an overnight sensation, across the world. In his musical professional field, Young Thug is pretty much successful.

Age, Height, Weight & Fame

The YSL rapper, Young Thug was born on 16 August 1991. That makes him 30 years old at present. He was born in Sylvan Hills, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. As per as his height and weight are concerned, he is 1.9 meters fall and weighs 76 Kg respectively. You may check out his Instagram account, having more than 9.4 million followers at present.

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On 9 May 2022, this YSL rapper, Young Thug has been arrested, being charged with criminal activity. Along with him, 28 more people from the rapper’s Young Stoner Life (YSL) label were also involved in the criminal act. All were arrested for violating Georgia’s RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations) law. In case, you aren’t aware, YSL is a streetside gang, that was formed back in 2012, in Atlanta. It is reported that it has connections with the national Bloods gang. One who violates the RICO act is usually sentenced to jail for a minimum of five years and that can be extended to twenty years too.

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Who is the YSL rapper
Young Thug

Despite all these, YSL rapper’s lawyer, Brian Steel has claimed that Thugger is innocent and will be vindicated. He also made sure to fight for the case with proper zeal, ethics, and also legality. Along with Young Thug, another successful and renowned rapper, Gunna was also booked for violating the same RICO act.

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