Who is Yoatzi Castro’s New Boyfriend? Present and Past Relationships!

yoatzi castro new boyfriend
Who is Yoatzi Castro's new boyfriend?

Last year, Yoatzi Castro has dealt with a lot of emotional stir which revolved around the threats received from her long-time partner and the father of her son and then his arrest and many more. But what was constant was Yoatzi’s strong heart which was able to survive all these. But guess what? It seems that this year is going to mark a new beginning in her life as she is all set to date a fellow public figure! So, who is Yoatzi Castro’s new boyfriend? And how long they have been warming each other’s hearts? Well, if you too are curious to know more about the personal life of this social media influencer who had potentially made her place in the world of fashion via her YouTube vlogs that are based on her lifestyle videos, then follow us as we dive through this article.

Well, before we move our focus to the hot topic of today’s discussion, let us know a little bit more about Yoatzi Castro and the path which led her towards success. So, Yoatzi Castro was born on 4th November 1995. And thus, as of now, she is 26 years old. The star started her journey via her Instagram handle whee as of today, she enjoys a total of 805k followers. She is from Watsonville, California. And her nationality is American and is of white ethnicity.

She and her younger brother Louie Castro have potentially used YouTube to rise to fame! Their Story Time videos and their lifestyle vlogs are the key factors behind their early success. Yoatzi’s present subscribers count touches the bar of 738k with a total of 68,637,965 views. She had joined YouTube on 7th January 2012. And his brother Louie has 2.75 Million subscribers. Yoatzi has also achieved a milestone on TikTok where she has 860.8K followers with a total of 22.7M likes. And now, let us move forward and address the hot topic of today’s discussion, who is Yoatzi Castro’s new boyfriend? Along with that, we would also talk about her path relationships with focusing on the father of her son! Let’s begin our hunt!

yoatzi castro new boyfriend
Yoatzi Castro with Jessie Andrade and their son Travis

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Who is Yoatzi Castro’s new boyfriend? A look into her love life!

Well, if you didn’t know before that who is Yoatzi Castro’s new boyfriend, then no worries! And it is because you are not late. As only a day ago one of her admirers, who is also his friend had proposed to her and asked to be his girlfriend! And guess what? She said yes! So, who is Yoatzi Castro’s new boyfriend? Well, the name of the new boyfriend of Yoatzi Castro is Jarass. He is also a social media influencer. And has 15.5k followers on his Instagram handle with the name “the.jarass”! He is also on TikTok where he enjoys a huge followers list that covers around 11.9k followers.

He proposed Yoatzi in a super lavish style. The whole floor was covered with red and white balloons. The ceiling too was covered with heart-shaped balloons. Even several heart-shaped balloons were made to hang in the mid-air. With large foil pink balloons which say “Will you be my girlfriend!” Jarass had also lined the room with beautiful flower bouquets. The central attraction also included a giant teddy bear made up of pink roses.

Both Yoatzi and Jarass had posted a clip on their respective Instagram handles, showing the extravagant decoration. With Yoatzi captioning it as “So this happened today.” And Jarass wrote in the caption that “Made it extra special for you.” In addition to that decoration, in the video posted by Jarass, he first had shown some of their adorable photos. Before this also, the two used to get frequently featured in each other’s feed which shows that the two were friends first and then lovers!

yoatzi castro new boyfriend
Yoatzi Castro with her new boyfriend!

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Yoatzi Castro’s ex-boyfriend!

Yoatzi Castro’s long-time boyfriend was Jessie Andrade. Together, the two had welcomed their son named Travis in 2016. The two had separated their paths in 2021. About which Yoatzi had disclosed in her video titled “I am healing.” The surprising part was that the very next day on 19th January, Jessie Andrade was arrested. It is said that he broke into Yoatzi’s home in the early morning hours and had pointed a gun at her, their 4-year-old son, and Yoatzi’s father. Following which the police were called to arrest him. He was charged with felony criminal threats, felony burglary, brandishing of a firearm, violation of domestic violence restraining order, and resisting/delaying his arrest.

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