Who is Wells From The Bachelor Dating, Is He Getting Married to Sarah Hyland?

The Bachelorette’s Wells Adams: Who is He Dating?
A date between Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland

Wells Adams appeared for the first time in The Bachelorette’s 12th season as a contestant. However, week six saw his elimination from the reality show. Later on, he went to appear in the Bachelor of Paradise’s third season. But, the week saw his elimination from the same after he broke with Ashley Laconetti. Nevertheless, Wells returned for the future seasons of the show, season 4, season 5, and season 6 as the hotel bartender replacing Jorge Moreno from the same. So, who is The Bachelorette’s Wells Adams Dating? Is he getting married to Sarah Hyland?

The love life of Adams is no secret as he gave his heart out to one single person since 2017. Furthermore, he never fails to express his love for her. Wells met his lady love on social media. She is also an actress. Who would have thought a long-lasting relationship would take place just due to some tweets and DMs. The couple is also due to get married. Their marriage got postponed, which was supposed to take place last year. Now, the couple is full-on enjoying their lives. Let’s know in detail about the lady love of Wells Adams.

The Bachelorette’s Wells Adams: Who is He Dating?

The Bachelorette’s Wells Adams is dating actress Sarah Hyland. The favorite bartender seems to be taken and quite serious with Sarah. They have been dating for four years since 2017. In fact, the couple is engaged. They never fail to display their love for each other. All it took a tweet between the pair to start their relationship. The actress was a long-time Bachelor fan. She took to express her appreciation and excitement on Twitter on August 14, 2017, when they included Wells as the latest member of season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Is The Bachelorette's Wells Adams going to marry Sarah Hyland
Wells and Sarah got engaged with each other in 2019

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The next day Wells responded to the tweet by sharing and mentioning him auditioning for barbacks. Furthermore, he said about taking recommendations from Phil Dunphy, her television father. Later on, Sarah told in 2018 about Wells sending DMs to her. He spoke to her about taking her out for drinks while he was in town next time. Their first date took place on September 16, 2017, after sending messages to each other for nearly a month.

Soon, Sarah in September asked to meet him urgently as she had to undergo shortly a kidney transplant for a second time. She said it is never going to him if he does not come to L.A. in a week at that time. Coincidentally, a dog awards show of L.A. asked him to host a dog show during that week. So, he said to her about meeting her on Saturday. The first date brought the pair more closer to each other. He asked her to be his girlfriend in October 2017. They made their love Instagram public in October’s last week. Wells also stood by her side during her health issues days. They also begin living together in August 2018.

The Bachelorette’s Wells Adams Engagement with Sarah Hyland

The Bachelorette’s Wells Adams got engaged with Sarah Hyland in July 2019. He asked her the question during their vacation to a beach with a 5 carats oval ring. Wells also shared the moment on Instagram that he will be Johnny, and she is June. However, it will be forever. It seems Wells planned to propose to her since the beginning of the year. In January, he spoke about everyone thinking Sarah and him to be engaged. However, so is not the case. They have started feeling each other after moving in together. But, the same will take place eventually.

The Bachelorette’s Wells Adams Marriage with Sarah Hyland

The Bachelorette‘s Wells Adams marriage with Sarah Hyland had been halted and put to stop due to the COVID-19 situation. Yes, the couple had plans to get married last year. Sarah shared in June of last year that they have put all the plannings on hold. They want to be safe as possible with her health situation and all of her family on the East Coast. However, the couple did go out to have a tour, dawning a white dress, wines, and everything on their would-be wedding date. The couple is still going strong now with their long-distance relationship. Wells and Sarah do have plans to get married in the future.

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