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Who Is Verity From Made in Chelsea Dating? Is Her Current Boyfriend A DJ?

Who is Verity Bowditch dating?
Who is Verity Bowditch dating?

Verity Bowditch gained her fame through Made in Chelsea in 2019. In addition to it, she has also become a business person after co-funding a restaurant called Clean Kitchen. Verity is just 26 and has achieved a lot. She grew in the Dorset and is a vegetarian since birth. She has grown around rescue animals. Verity is obsessed with vegan food. Apart from her shooting schedule, Verity is very much focused on vegan food. She has mouth-watering choices in plant-based burgers and loaded fries. Can you imagine a woman being an actress who is so good at making meals? Lockdown has been a great time for her to explore more things. 

She is now running a very successful restaurant chain. In a very casual chit-chat, she expressed that she always wanted to experiment with her intelligence. According to Verity, she has great presentation skills and also has entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, she tried her hand in law also. Verity did an internship in Shanghai, China, for few months. 

Well, Verity is an intelligent human being, actress, and a successful business person, but her personal life is also equally interesting. Previously, Verity was dating her co-star Tristan. However, the duo decided to break things off last year.

Recently, Verity revealed that she is dating someone. Read below to know who has taken Verity officially. 

Who is Verity Bowditch dating?

Who is Verity from Made in Chelsea dating?

Well, Verity is currently single and is dating a mysterious man who is DJ. As Verity has marked her return to Made in Chelsea, she has announced that she is dating someone. Verity revealed about her relationship while talking about Julius. While chatting to co-star Olivia Bentley, Verity said that the show should cast Julius, whom she kissed last year. However, she mentioned that the kiss happened almost a year ago. She clearly said that now she has a boyfriend and also said that he is a DJ. But who is Verity’s boyfriend?

After Verity’s tragic breakup from Tristan, Julius hoped that he has some chance with Verity, but all his dreams are now wiped out. Shutting down her co-star Fredrick Ferrier, Verity said that she now fully has a boyfriend. She further added that he is a DJ and a step ahead of a singer. As this is the latest news, not much is revealed about her boyfriend yet. However, according to the remarks made by Verity, she is dating a DJ called Cameron Jack. That is equal to the context shared by Verity that she is dating a DJ. Therefore, reports say Verity is into Jack, who is a musician and DJ by profession.

Who is Verity Bowditch dating?

She recently also commented on his post. She said in sarcasm that he would be quite good with windows after he posted the photo with the caption that his next job can be window cleaning. Moreover, even Jack also commented on her recent post and praised her T-shirt, saying that it looks nice. In addition, she was also featured on his IG story. He posted a very blur picture of his story, and the figure in it looked like Verity. Nevertheless, we are sure that Verity might share more details about his boyfriend, DJ. 

Verity Bowditch and Tristan

Verity was previously dating her co-star Tristan Phipps. However, the duo breakup last year. Until on 29th April 2020, the couple was together. It was announced in the series 19 finale that they are no more together. At that time, UK was under lockdown, and so she left the country to spend her time with her best friend, Amelia Mist. At the same time, Tristan was isolating from his mother in London at that time. Therefore, it has been a year since she has broken up with Tristan. The duo has moved on quickly after their breakup.

Tristan is currently dating Olivia Bentley, who is a year younger than him. Verity also expressed her views on Tristan and Olivia’s relationship. She said that she was shocked to see that her friend is dating her ex. However, she said that she is happy for them and wished them success. She also added that her friendship with Olivia is now over. 

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