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Who Is Vanessa Trump Dating, Why Was She Accused of Adultery?

Vanessa Trump most commonly knows recognized as the ex-wife of the son, former president of the United States Of America. She was a teenage model and twenties and was signed to Wilhelmina Models. She is well known for her work, where she appeared in a scene of the 2003 film Something’s Gotta Give. In 2011, she appreciated her work in an episode of The Apprentice. However, it is said that she got the episode because of his ex-husband, as Donald Trump’s father was the host of the show and Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It (2010). 

She and her sister Veronika opened a café called ‘Sessa’ in the fall of 2003. She also released her line of handbags called La Poshett from 2010 to 2013. Vanessa has been very desirable since she was in her early teens. When she stepped into the industry, she was dating her high school Boo. The couple looked inseparable and were so much in love.

Who Is Vanessa Trump Dating?

Vanessa Trump With Her Ex-Husband Donald Trump Jr.

However, they were not so inseparable as Vanessa cheated on him with his enormous number of flings. And she accidentally committed that she was cheating on him during her interview on national television. After her confession, they both parted their ways, and Vanessa kept on enjoying her fling.

Vanessa Found Herself A Royal Carriage By Dating The Prince Of Saudi Khalid Bin Bandar Bin Sultan Al Suad

In 1998 Vanessa hit the jackpot, and she started dating a prince of Saudi named Khalid Bin Bandar Bin Sultan Al Suad. The couple was seen sharing intimate moments publically a lot of times. And the prince has made a statement that said he loves America as they can be themselves publically, and he loves the freedom that American citizens practice. The prince has even made many adorable statements about Venessa. Khalid and Venessa have also shared priceless moments with each other’s family.

However, Vanessa and Prince Khalid’s fairytale was short-lived as it was suspected that he was involved in the attacks of 26/11. FBI found his tracks back to Al-Qaida terrorist group. It is even said that he even used Vanessa for mobilizing his funds from his home country to America. Vanessa ensured that she had no idea of his intentions. She said he never loved her and only used her as a citizen of America to execute his dirty intentions towards America.

Vanessa Stepped Into A Union With Donald Trump. Jr And Became Lady Trump

Whereas when Vanessa was broken-hearted and wasn’t looking for love. She found it in one and only Donald Trump Jr. They both met at an interview that Tump’s father hosted. However, it is said that Trump wanted to be with Vanessa for a very long time, and he asked his father to invite them both together at the interview. To be honest, they have never been a cute and adorable couple. As when they decided t walk down the aisle, it was not an emotional or a fairytale moment. But it was more of a PR stunt. Donald Trump Jr. got the engagement ring for free in a batter for live proposal and advertisement of the Jeweler.

And just like they walked down the aisle, they walked down the courtroom to sign their divorce papers. The couple shared five children together. It is said that Trump used to keep Vanessa on a very tight budget, and she had to rely on him for everything, even a cup of coffee. Their divorce was finalized in 2018. She had to fight a lot to settle on terms of her divorce because his miser husband was not ready to provide sufficient child support to his own children.

Who Is Vanessa Trump Dating Right Now?

Recently a book by Pulitzer revealed that Vanessa Trump is dating a secret agent who is provided to every president’s family to ensure their security. However, her affair is dated after her divorce in the book. According to the law, secret agents are not supposed to any member of the family they are charged to protect. However, Vanessa’s character history shows that she hasn’t been loyal to men in her love life. So there might be a possibility that she might be accused of adultery. The secret agents were no more responsible for detection after her divorce. Was financial dependence the reason for Venessa’s divorce, or is there more to the story?

At the same time, Vanessa is not only the one in the Trump family to date a Secret agent. Tiffiny Dolan Tump’s daughter also dated a secret agent. Will this information cost the Trump family more than they have lost?

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