Who is Uraume? Sukuna’s Most Loyal Subordinate

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Who is Uraume
Who is Uraume?

One of the biggest anime from 2021 concluded with an ending satisfying a huge crowd. Jujutsu Kaisen is by far one of the biggest anime producers and is currently taking over the interests of millions of anime fans. Its popularity is especially evident as we see the sale numbers of the source manga as well as the theatrical movie tickets. Jujutsu Kaisen manga currently has millions of manga copies in circulation. Based on its prequel manga, the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie has sold tickets worth billions of Yen within 15 days since its premiere. While the franchise flourishes, the source still has a long way to go and thus has several questions unanswered. Several such questions revolve around the mystery character, Uraume. Who is Uraume, and what is their cursed technique? These are some of the most popularly asked questions about the character.

The mystery is an element we love having in our anime. Jujutsu Kaisen has built up a story for us that we cannot help but keep thinking about. The story’s plotline deals with magic, curses, and powerful characters with amazing backstories. Season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen ended with Geto collecting cursed spirits and building an army. We see a character among these cursed spirits in silver hair with a red streak in it. The character makes an appearance in the manga again and is introduced as “Uraume”. Not much has been made known about them so far.

So who is Uraume and why must we look forward to their reveal?

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What we know so far about Uraume

Uraume has no significant importance in their introduction. They are seen among Geto’s army of curses. Uraume is an antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen plot whose gender has been kept androgynous so far. The character appears again in the Shibuya Arc, and here is where things get interesting. They get recognized by the king of curses himself. Uraume tells Sukuna they’ve come to take him, but he refuses. However, he does casually tell them to make preparations for his return. It has been revealed in the Jujutsu Kaisen fanbook that Uraume used to cook for Sukuna in the past. It is to be noted that Sukuna only ate people. They were an expert at cooking people deliciously for their master, Sukuna.

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We saw the last of them assisting (pseudo) Geto during his battle with a group of sorcerers.

Uraume depicts ruthlessness and is similar to Sukuna in that sense. When Chosu tries to protect Yuji, Uraume is prepared to bring havoc among them. They can use reverse jujutsu techniques and have an innate ice formation technique. Uraume has been proven to be extremely strong, being able to defeat multiple opponents, and was only stopped from killing them by the interference of Yuki Tsukumo, the special grade sorcerer.

Cover of Volume 18: Jujutsu Kaisen.

On first look, Uraume was believed to be a cursed spirit. However, it has been revealed that they are actually a 1000-year-old human. So, what is the true identity of this antagonist?

Who is Uraume?

As aforementioned, not a lot has been revealed so far about the character, but there have been certain hints that let us explore a little further into their character. Uraume’s very existence is surprising since they are not a cursed spirit. They were Ryomen Sukuna’s cook in the past and have now joined pseudo Geto’s army to help him free. Uraume is very loyal to Sukuna, to an extent of scolding Yuji when he risked his life to save Chosu. If Uraume is not a cursed spirit, how did they survive this long?

Uraume’s unmatched Jujutsu skills draw in multiple possibilities for the secret of their long life. In Jujutsu Kaisen, transferring from body to body is seen as common plot development. They could very well have been living so long by moving from body to body, a case similar to that of Master Tengen. This would also explain why Sukuna could not recognize them when they appeared for the first time.

Another theory regarding Uraume and their long age is rather popular. It has been speculated that Uraume was perhaps trapped in the prison realm. The fact that no one knows how Geto found Uraume makes this theory ten times believable.

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Uraume and Sukuna

Uraume was Sukuna’s cook. Uraume stands as a key to discovering more about Sukuna since they are the only ones who have actually seen Sukuna in the flesh. As the clouds of mystery around them get denser, fans are starting to get more and more curious about their existence.

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