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Who Is Tyler The Creator Dating in 2021 & Why is He Controversial?

who is tyler the creator dating

In this article, we cover who Tyler The Creator is dating in 2021? And apparently, he is dating 22 years old Jaden Smith. You might remember Jaden from Karate Kid or The Pursuit of Happiness, opposite his dad, Will Smith. But this post is about Tyler The Creator. The high-profile California-based celebrity constantly featured in tabloid and entertainment headlines on the west coast of the United States, the Mecca of showbusiness. We will try to explain why Tyler the Creator’s name got linked romantically to actor Jaden Smith.

Tyler the Creator is the founder of the Odd Future hip hop band. Besides a myriad of other hustles —because Tyler loves a business gig—, he’s an avid fan of BMX bicycles and skateboarding. He once skated with Tony Hawk and his clout for media appearances. And this six-time record-released artist’s activity as a rapper with his life with controversy. And that’s because, in many lyrics, he raps insulting rhymes against homosexuals. Learn more about it here at Otakukart.

Who is Tyler the Creator?

Tyler the Creator is a rapper with six albums to his name. He is also an actor, and you can see his work at the 2020 comedy-drama series Kidding from the Showtime network. Tyler’s real name is Tyler Gregory Okonma, he’s thirty years old, and he hails from Ladera Heights in sunny Ladera Heights, California. And he’s all California, as his life in LaLa Land is a perfect example of the “work, hard, hustle harder” ethos that characterizes yet another rapper. On that note, this rapper loves to use words that the homosexual community considers derogatory while he’s in a romantic relationship with a person of the same sex. Read more about this controversy in the next section.

who is tyler the creator dating otakukart

Who Is Tyler the Creator Dating in 2021— Otakukart

Who is Tyler the Creator dating in 2021?

Despite Tyler’s denial of his “homophobia,” from as early as 2018, he’s romantically involved with actor-singer Jaden Smith. And Jaden had no qualms in outing Tyler as his romantic partner when performing at the Flog Gnaw Carnival festival in Los Angeles in 2018. But that didn’t stop Jaden from proudly saying that Tyler the Creator is his boyfriend and romantic partner. And that’s because he took it to Twitter. But the question in all this is, what are Tyler’s opinions on this matter?

While Jaden Smith never speaks about his sexual preferences, he’s notorious in the entertainment fashion news for his creative choices of wardrobe. In this sense, every time the press points out this subject, Jaden quickly dismisses the issue and moves on to a different topic. He simply doesn’t care. But let’s go back to, Who Is Tyler The Creator dating in 2021? This Creator and entertainer’s love life doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  For years, interviewers asked and asked Tyler the Creator about his love partner, his significant other, but the man simply dodges the question.

On Tyler The Creator’s Previous Partners

While this 30-year-old rapper from California’s public persona —one widely publicized—focuses on his creative talents. But not so much his private life. The controversy of his lyrics —some who are derogatory to homosexuals— and his sexuality constantly put Tyler in the spotlight regarding his sexual preferences. All in a time where the public considers a crucial aspect of their celebrities what they do and whom they take to the bedroom.

Additionally, the cosmopolitan press —who keeps tabs on every single statement uttered by Tyler— has the singer credited with claiming that he is gay. And that some of his turn-ons are Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse and Titanic’s Leonardo Di Caprio. As stated earlier, while Tyler loves the clout and spotlight of the media as they cover his creations, hustles, and antics. He wants his intimate life —gay or whatever he decides to say it is— as a private matter.

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Tyler the Creator disagrees with Jaden Smith

When Jaden Smith boasted to the media about his romantic relationship with rapper Tyler the Creator, he disagreed. When Jaden said on the state that Tyler was his boyfriend, Tyler’s body language wasn’t one of approval, and he took it as it was a joke. And that’s how the speculations began. Instead of accepting the nature of the relationship, he kept his cool. Only to face Jaden once and again on Twitter and in other areas of public debate. You can see the video at the end of this post.

Why are sexual preferences so crucial to a celebrity’s status?

It’s all because Hollywood is obsessed with sex. While in many other cultures, the celebrity coverage of lifestyles focuses on what they wear, their work, hobbies, and charity work. The liberal press in California made a crucial issue to scrutinize the choices of celebrities in their bedrooms. And this sort of invasion of privacy can go positively or negatively. Because while some stars might be open about the subject. Others might take the issue too up close and personal. And try to reserve those kinds of preferences only to the ones they trust.

Watch Jayden Smith Out Tyler The Creator as Gay on Stage

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