Who is Truth from Too Hot To Handle Season 3?

Who is Truth

Who is Truth from Too Hot To Handle Season 3? What do we know about him? Starting from the basics, Too Hot To Handle is a reality show airing On Netflix. The theme of the show is winning the cash prize of $100,000 and finding love here itself. Also, there are a total of twelve single people who are competing against each other. It was on 19 January 2022 when the Too Hot To Handle Season 3 was released.

In this season, Truth is one of those twelve contestants. Little did you know, it is not his real name. Originally, he is known as Robert DuVaun, hailing from Texas. The reason behind such stage name will be explained later on in this article. Truth has a great physique which makes the girls simply drool and go crazy. She has a pretty and confident face having high standards. When asked about his interest in participating in the show, Truth stated he is ready to win the cash prize and also to explore romance with the newbies. He also cleared out the fact that at present, he is not up for anything serious.  You must keep watching Too Hot To Handle Season 3 to see if he finds his lady love.

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Who is Truth from Too Hot To Handle Season 3? Everything to know

Being a viewer of Too Hot To Handle Season 3,  coming across Jaz Holloway, you must be wondering about her age, birthplace, family, profession, and many more.

How Old Is Truth? Height, Birthplace & Reason behind the name

Though Truth was born in 1999, he has never revealed his birthday. Thus, it is not known when does he celebrate his birthday. However, based on his birth year, Truth is 23 years old as in January 2022. As far as his height is concerned, Truth is 6’4″ feet tall. He hails from Houston, Texas. For career purposes, he relocated himself to Los Angeles.

When asked about the reason behind his name, he shared that Truth will always 99.9% tell the truth. The reason is quite impressive.

Who is Truth from Too Hot To Handle Seaosn 3
Truth, originally known as Robert

Family & Education Details

His family details are not yet made to the public. Talking about his education, Truth is a criminology student studying in a local private university In Texas. He often plays basketball at his institute.

Social Media Fame

With participating in the show Too Hot To Handle, Truth accumulated more than 15K followers on Instagram. He has not limited himself just to Instagram but also is quite active on Twitter and Tiktok. In the former one, he has 1300 followers, while the latter one has over 139k followers which are pretty massive. He often posts pictures of his modeling poses and videos of him playing basketball. It is believed, with time, the more his face is screened, the more these numbers are going to increase.

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Profession before rising fame

Though he is currently a student pursuing his career in modeling, he moved to Los Angeles. As a model, he worked with quite a few brands.  Other than this, he doesn’t have any job experience as he is quite young. But, we believe he is going to be a great model in the near days as he possesses each of those models needed qualities.

Who is Truth from Too Hot To Handle Season 3

Love Interest

When it comes to the matter of love, Truth is not set for anything serious anytime soon. Although, he is quite romantic. Most of the girls are crazy for the boys who love sports. Truth is such a person who revealed basketball to be his first love. So, it’s a brownie for him. However, he is here to explore the several stages of relationships and also to win the prize. As he is too young, he believes there is still lot to time to be serious for commitments.

Knowing everything about Truth, now we are looking forward to seeing if he can find someone special in his life from the show.

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