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Who Is Tinx Dating: Christina Najjar Finally Spill Beans on Love Life?

Tinx Dating

TikTok has made some of its user’s sensational figures overnight. If you manage to grab your followers’ attention, then you might be a TikTok star overnight! Similarly, we have a new young TikTok star in town: Christina Najjar, aka Tinx! What is she famous for? Well, the TikTok star has amassed huge attention from followers for her bold avatar, and the dating tips that she gives have proven quite useful! She has some popular followers, including Paris Hilton! Najjar has managed to gain a diverse fan base as people, irrespective of their age, follow her on TikTok.

The star has earlier revealed that she kind of came up in the app firstly by accident! She explains how during the lockdown, TikTok users were wanting and expecting new things from influencers. She has also started this fun segment called the Rich mom starter pack, which has been quite a crowd puller! The dating guru has admitted that she has been addicted ever since. While Najjar has been giving some useful dating tips to many, who is Tinx dating?

Who Is Tinx Dating

Tinx, aka Christina Najjar, dating remains secret as she believes that it can be super overwhelming when people say just follow your passion. She explains that when one can follow their curiosity and just continue to pull the thread, that will lead us in the right direction. While the TikTok star has been guiding her followers to the right path, her dating status remains unknown. The star recently uploaded a picture with a man with a caption that says Boyfriend reveal! However, it might just be a prank as well. She did confess in one of her fun videos that she likes Post Malone!

Tinx Dating

She has maintained user secrecy when it comes to her relationship status and intends to keep it that way. Thanks to her dating advice and Q& A sessions, Tinx has become the undisputed queen of TikTok, who is relatable on so many levels! The TikTok star has an impressive social media presence.

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What Makes Christina Najjar Aka Tinx So Very Popular On TikTok?

Believe it or not but Tinx started of on TikTok by accident as she was an unemployed writer at that point. As Najjar sheds light on why she needs to be honest with her content, she explains how she did spend much of her twenties comparing herself to unattainable beauty standards on the internet.

However, with the popularity of her platform grows, there’s is a sense of responsibility, to be honest. Najjar feels that there’s a sense of responsibility to be as honest as possible. Apart from giving dating tips, the thirty-year-old star explains how men are not subjected to the whole age thing. Her dating videos are extremely informative, so if you are struggling, don’t forget to follow her for tips! Her famous rich mom started posts are extremely famous amongst fans. She dresses up, and each of the dresses represents a new rich mom!

Who Is Tinx Dating: Know Some Interesting Facts About The Popular TikTok Star!

Believe it or not but the young TikTok star had worked as many as 19 jobs since she left college! However, she admits that content creating is her ultimate passion. Christina Najjar is known for being brutally honest. If you follow her, it is known that she has an epic sense of humour too!

Christina Najjar

Najjar does not hold back when it comes to her personal life! From failed romance with a friend to how to navigate dating, open discussions about mental health, body image issues, and more. She takes up some of her own personal experiences. She even had more open discussions about Botox and admitted that she got one on her forehead! She has been open about her skin routine, Botox use, and, not to forget, fans love her hilarious video uploads. Thanks to her impressive social media presence, Kim Kardashian recently send her chocolate smash box to the influencer. If you haven’t already checked her account, it is very much recommended.

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