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Who Is TikTok’s 163-Year-Old Man?

TikTok 163-Year-Old Man
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Last Updated on February 28, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Astounding incidents occur all across the world. Although earlier we could not get to know about these incidents easily, however, since the beginning of social media in the world, we can come across amazing incidents from any corner of the world. One such astonishing incident has made a lot of headlines on social media these days. The video shot in Thailand is of an old man claiming to be 163-year-old. It is believed that this video has been uploaded by the granddaughter of the elderly person @Auyary13 on her handle on Tiktok, although it is not yet confirmed whether the girl who uploaded the video is the granddaughter of the elderly person. So, who is TikTok’s 163-Year-Old-Man?

Internet users were surprised after this video went viral. Although tales of people living for a long time have come to the fore in the past, this incident of living up to 163 years is not common. After this video went viral, many people claimed that the old man was a monk and followed the Sokushinbutsu procedure. When we investigated this claim, some startling facts came to the fore. However, before presenting those facts to you, let us first know what the Sokushinbutsu process is.


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What is Sokushinbutsu?

Sokushinbutsu is a traditional process that Buddhist monks follow to enter mummification. Under this process, Buddhist monks consume less food for a long time so that they can quickly dry their muscles and die. This process is mostly done by Buddhist monks in Japan. However, so far, only 24 people have successfully completed this process to the date. Talking about the old man present in the Tiktok video, when we investigated it thoroughly, we came to know that the old person is not following the Sokushinbutsu process.

Is The Old Man In The TikTok Video Really 163 Years Old?

No, the old man in the video is a resident of Thailand and is 109 years old. Due to being unwell for a long time, he is admitted to a hospital in Thailand. He is looked after by his family members. It is believed that someone may have shot this video of him in the hospital, which was later uploaded on Tiktok, after which it became viral in no time. As soon as the video was uploaded on Tiktok, the video started getting millions of views. In a few days, the video has earned two million views. While some people praised the video, some people called this video false and also made fun of the old man.

Who Is TikTok163-Year-Old Man

Image source: Dexerto

The old man appeared more elderly as he was weak due to illness. The reality came to light when another video of this elderly person went viral online, which is being told shot before he became ill. As of now, there is a lot of improvement in the health of the elderly person, and now he is not as weak as before and is also exercising and following a healthy diet.

Who Is The World’s Oldest Person?

If you think that no one can live for 163 years, then you are wrong because there was a man in this world who lived a very long life. We are talking about Li Ching Yun of Beijing, who lived the longest life and surprised many people. Li Ching was a herbalist who lived a life of 256 years. He died in 1933. Apart from this, at present, the oldest woman in the world is Ken Tanaka, who is a Japanese resident.

Due to living for 119 years, Ken’s name was recorded in the Guinness Book of World. She is currently living her life in a nursing home in Fukuoka, Japan. Apart from this, recently, 112-year-old Juan Vicente Perez Mora of Venezuela had also made a lot of headlines. However, he is seven years younger than Ken. These old people have left science and common human beliefs far behind. After knowing about these cases, one question which revolves around our mind is the secret of these people for living a long and healthy life which is still a mystery for many people. However, according to some experts, by doing exercise, taking less stress, getting more sleep, and meditation, we can live a long life without suffering from any disease.

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