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Who Is This New Tiktok Star Preppy Claws?

Preppy Claws TikTok

Who is Preppy Claws TikTok? If you have come across this person dressed up in a skeleton costume and dancing and has a quirky yet fun aura around, then you might have seen Preppy Claws, who is thriving on Tiktok! This TikToker, whose identity is still under wraps, has become a fan favorite in no time! This anonymous TikTok star identifies himself just as a skeleton who loves to dance and put smiles on people’s faces. Fans are surely loving the killer moves!

This unknown user has garnered a whopping 2.5 million followers on Tiktok in a single month! The creator’s very first video was posted to TikTok in early December 2021. Soon after, this person has become an overnight sensation! However, fans are wondering that why this person is maintaining such anonymity around his/ her identity. It seems like this mysterious aura around this rising TikTok star is what is adding to the popularity quotient!

Why Are Followers Calling This Tiktok Star Skelly Claws?

Given how this person dresses in a unique yet vibrant skeleton costume, followers have given a new name Skelly Claws as well! While several big names have come up as the person behind the costume, but we don’t know it yet! Have a look at one of the TikTok clips if you are still not acquainted with this TikTok star’s talent.

Fans have been throwing in some popular names for Skelly’s identity, and the recurring name that has come up is that of Dance Mom’s star Elliana Walmsley. She is a big social media star and can be the potential face behind Skelly Claws. Walmsley has finally addressed these ongoing speculations about being Skelly Claws but has cleared the air saying that she is not the face behind the mask. However, the young Youtube star did reveal that she knows Skelly’s identity but won’t be disclosing it!

Preppy Claws TikTok

Other big names that have made it into this guessing game include social media star Emily Dobson, Lilliana Ketchman, and Tiktok sensation Charli D’Amelio. Whoever this talented Tiktok star is, followers love his/her antics and anonymous approach to fame! So much so that some are calling Preppy Claws a boss lady!

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