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Who Is Thembinkosi Lorch Dating? Confirmed Involvement With Natasha Thahane

who is thembinkosi lorch dating -otakukart
who is thembinkosi lorch dating natasha tahane -otakukart

In this article, we cover who is Thembinkosi Lorch dating. We explore the romantic relationship between the sensual model Natasha Thahane and the prestigious South African National Team currently under hire by the Orlando Pirates. And this is a trending topic as the footballer initially denied any romantic links between him and the sensual model from South Africa. But things heat up as apparently the couple spent a vacation time one-on-one in Tanzania.

The footballer and the model from South Africa are very secretive and quiet about their romantic relationship status. And all this as the press scrutinizes their social media. And asks everyone they know if cupid hit them with an arrow or if it’s just another trend for clout. In this post, you will learn how via open-source intelligence image analysis, the media figured out that these two were snuggling in Tanzania and elsewhere. As you will learn, there’s nothing hidden now once you post it on the web.

Who is Tehmbinkosi Lorch Dating?

Open Source Intelligence analysis of social media posts made by Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch prove that at least they’re in the same place. And this place is Tanzania. A nice place to snuggle in private if you want someone on one time with a model. After all, Themibinkosi is a successful player with a bank account, a personality, and the clout to date a model of the caliber of the sensual Natasha. Keep reading on to learn more about how the press found out they were together.

A very skilled open-source intelligence image analyst in twitter noticed the glint and reflection of Thembinkosi Lorch in a picture she uploaded to her profile on Instagram. Sounds like spy stuff, but this is a common practice, and if you google enough tutorials, you can figure out things like that for yourself. All you need is time and motivation. Thanks to that Twitter user, we can connect the dots and link romantically Natasha Thahane to Thembinkosi Lorch.

who is thembinkosi lorch dating -otakukart

Who is Thembinkosi Lorch dating? 

Thembinkosi Lorch Net Worth

Thembinkosi Lorch (b. 1993) is a South African forward playing for the Orlando Pirates, currently linked romantically to Instagram model Natasha Thahane. At 28 years old, and with a contract for a professional football team in the United States of America. The net worth of this athlete rounds about US $5 million. Since his debut with the National South African Football team in 2016, he’s played a total of six games scoring a total of four goals.

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He can’t hold his temper

Back in September 2020, this footballer was arrested by the Police Department for assaulting his then-girlfriend Nokuphiwa Mathithibala, who opened up a complaint against him at a police station. His ex-girlfriend claims Lorch slapped her around and choked her after a discussion regarding some cars and her disappearing from his supervision for six hours. On that note, after his arrest, the Police Department confirmed the investigation against him. The player posted bail and got lost. We can only hope he keeps his hands to himself if things go north with Natasha.

Lorch initially denied any romantic involvement with Natasha Mahala

Despite his temper and quiet commenting on his personal life, Thembinkosi wasn’t shy in denying any involvement with Natasha when his friend Dj Maphorisa asked him directly on the subject on an IG live video. In that video, Lorch played dumb by saying, “Natasha who”. And that seems like our footballer isn’t ready to make it public. But hell, if he wanted to keep it private, he would have avoided to show up in the glint of the sunglasses of the significant other in Tanzania. Rookie mistake Thembinkosi, if you’re going to be a player, better learn damn well the game.

This picture gives some open source intelligence which the next tweet expands in a slang jargon way. Pointing out that the man in the glint of the RayBan’sof Natasha Thahane is our South African Footballer Thembinoski Lorch as the two snuggle in Tanzania. But the question is: Why would they be so secretive about it? They’re both adults. He’s a pro footballer with a bit of a short fuse, and she’s a hot young model. Nothing wrong with being together if they’re both responsible, right? But here’s more OSINT from Twitter users.

With so much online evidence, there’s just no point in denying it. In conclusion, the pro footballer Thembinkosi Lorch and Natasha Nahane are dating. We can come up with that conclusion by analyzing their social media posts which clearly depict shapes, places, and surroundings impossible to deny. Let’s just hope the best for this couple and see how this footballer does in the season ahead for the Orlando Pirates as he’s chilling out in sunny Tanzania with some nice company.

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