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Who is the Protagonist of BEM movie: Become Human?

protagonist of BEM movie: Become Human
Bem, Sonia, Bela and Belo

BEM movie: Become Human is a 2020 movie made by Funimation, featuring Bem, Bela, and Belo. They are humanoid monsters created in Doraco Labs. The movie is a ride full of secrets, adventure, and thrill!! The movie starts off after the BEM anime. Here, Detective Sonia Summers starts off an investigation to find the heroes of humanity: the three humanoid monsters. All of them went to hiding after the incidents shown in the anime. Detective Sonia had a connection with all three of them.

Especially Bem, who is the protagonist of BEM movie. Despite her boss’s orders to lay low, she sneaks into Doraco Labs because they had been acting suspiciously, and a man who created humanoid monsters was a scientist there. She reached there during an illegal transaction but got caught. She was trying to escape when one of the men wearing a ring transforms into a large humanoid monster.

A fact to be noted is that the initial three humanoid monsters can turn back to humans, and they were created in a laboratory. But the humans who get transformed by the ring have no control over themselves and develop a killing intent as well. These humanoid monsters are uncontrollable, except the Three B. Now, Belo comes to Sonia’s rescue because the bullets don’t work on these monsters either. Sonia is relieved to find him and is shocked that Bem got a family in such a small period of time. She even goes to visit Bela, who is currently enjoying her life disguised as a waitress in a cafe. Now, let’s move on to Bem!

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Who is the protagonist of the BEM movie: Become Human?

As the name suggests, Bem is the protagonist of the BEM movie: Become Human. He is shown to be an office worker working in the Public Relations office of Doraco Chemicals. Every morning he wakes up, his loving wife Emma wishes him good morning, they and their two children have breakfast together, and then Bem and his friend go to the office. Then everything was a blur, and he came back home. His children always said the same dialogues, which were actually quite creepy. His wife used to give him two tablets in the morning and two in the evening.

Protagonist BEM movie

Protagonist BEM movie

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One day, Detective Sonia Summers suddenly sees him while she’s searching for him. She stops him, but he doesn’t remember her. She introduces herself as the detective of Libra city. Sonia’s eyes sparkle with love when she holds his hand, but the friend insists that he has a wife and family. Also, his name is Belm, not Bem. Sonia doesn’t know what to say, whereas Ben is equally confused. He tells her that one day she will definitely find her Bem. She passes by disappointed, but one evening she goes to Bem’s house to talk to him. His wife says that he isn’t there. She notices some weird things like the son’s same responses etc., which makes her suspicious. The wife kicks her out when she talks about talking to the child.

One night, Ben had a panic attack from a nightmare and remembered how he was born in the lab. His wife insisted that he should be taking pills, but he didn’t. The next day, he was absolutely clueless when he woke up and realized he was in the lab and some scientists were talking about Humanoid Monster. Bem struggled and was helpless as well as confused. He was shocked to see Doctor Recycle because he couldn’t recognize him even though he looked familiar. Doctor Recycle is one of the antagonists who is a scientist. He usually experiments and remodels people into having demonic power.

protagonist of BEM movie: Become Human

BEM movie: Become Human

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Bem fights using his superhuman abilities and gets out of the facility to the place he was born. He goes to that lab and remembers his whole life. The pills his wife gave him suppressed his memories and helped Doraco Chemicals to manipulate him and use him for their own profits. He realized all of this and suddenly remembered about Detective Sonia Summers too. Bem runs back to his home only to see his wife panic when she sees his monster’s paw. Bem demands answers from her, and by the time she’s ready to say it, her ring transforms her into a monster. Henceforth, the three humanoid monsters come together and fight against the antagonist for the survival of humanity.

Trailer of the movie:

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