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Who is the One-Eyed King in Tokyo Ghoul? How Many Ghouls Possessed the Title?

Ken Kanaki
Ken Kanaki

Tokyo Ghoul is one of those mangas that is still discussed widely to this day. For many, it was the starting point into this geeky realm. While the anime did not fare well due to a rushed plot, it still garnered a lot of attention. In this article, let’s discuss the One-Eyed King, a shadowy figure within the fantasy-horror universe. The title is usually linked to revolutionary ideologies, and is believed to be the head of the Aogiri Tree, a ghoul faction. It is believed that the King is a very powerful Half Ghoul, and is stronger than every other One-Eyed Ghoul. The Vasuki, or V organization considered the King to be their primary target. He was to be eliminated for balance to be restored.

But in reality, the One-Eyed King wasn’t a single person for life. It was a title passed down from one individual to the next. Kishou Arima had held the title for a major chunk of the story until Ken Kaneki took it.

Let’s discuss that in detail.

The King’s Appearance and Personality

In the manga, the One-Eyed King’s original appearance was shown. He wears what looks like robes of royalty, with the leaf-like insignia of the Aogiri Tree society imprinted on the chest. His attire is predominantly golden, wears metal gloves, and wears a skull mask with only the ghoul eye visible from it. The mask is adorned with a golden crown.

As for his personality, the King is believed to be very charismatic, as a leader is expected to be. The reason he formed Aogiri is to prove his belief that ghouls are superior and should be at the top of the food chain. He was able to assemble dozens with his radical beliefs.

One Eyed King

The first One Eyed King

Title holders (Real and Rumored)

1. Eto Yoshimura

Eto’s reveal as a sinister character was a major twist in the story. For the initial part of the story, Eto moonlighted as Sen Takatsuki, a best-selling horror novelist. It was then revealed that she was the founding leader of Aogiri Tree, a decade before she entered the main storyline. Since she found the faction, she was speculated by many as the original One-Eyed king. But Eto disputed the rumors, and said she is the co-conspirator and partner of the King. She is, however, a Half-Ghoul.

Eto Yoshimura, the rumored One-Eyed King

Eto Yoshimura

2. Yoshimura

Who knew that the kind-hearted manager of the Anteiku café was a SSS-rated ghoul? Yoshimura was the father of Eto, whom he had with a human named Ukina. He thought that his daughter was the real One-Eyed King so took up the mantle for himself to cover up her crimes. He later came to be known as the One-Eyed Owl. After the Owl Suppression Operation, he gets captured and his kakuhou was used to create artificial one-eyed ghouls.



3. Kishou Arima

Otherwise known as the CCG’s White Reaper, Kishou Arima was a Special Class Ghoul Investigator, and regarded as a genius. His fighting prowess and intellect proved useful in many large operations against ghouls, and he was revered in the CCG. However, Arima was later discovered to be conspiring with ghouls and was revealed as the mysterious One-Eyed King. He and Eto Yoshimura decided that Ken Kanaki should be the next King. He then mentored Kanaki and bestowed the title on him after his death. Eto described him to be someone who was keeping the seat warm until the real King steps up.

Kishou Arima, who held the title before Kaneki

Kishou Arima

4. Ken Kaneki

Kaneki was the right fit, according to Eto. Her special talent of mentally scanning a person’s psyche confirmed the two criteria that she had for an ideal candidate: Kaneki had a strong desire to be needed by someone; he is a true masterpiece despite being an artificial one-eyed ghoul. Kaneki then proceeds to defeat both Arima and Eto and titled himself as the One-Eyed King. Afterwards, he created the ghoul organization named Goat.

Of course, he let go off all the titles and organizations by the end of the story. Kaneki made sure humans and ghouls were able to live together as one.

Kaneki Ken, the new One Eyed King

Kaneki Ken

We have come to the end. Who was your favorite One-Eyed King?

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