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Who Is The Odd Ones Out Dating? A Look Into Youtuber’s Dating History

who is the odd ones out dating
Theodd1sout Robert James

There are a dozen of YouTubers in the world who have gained international recognition. But not everyone knows about their personal life. Likewise, people are unaware of their background and early lives. One such YouTuber is Robert James Rallison. He goes by the channel name “Theodd1sout”. Over the years, he has earned popularity through his hard work and dedication to the channel. As a result, people are curious to know more about his personal life and career.

Robert James, a.k.a Theodd1sout is a famous YouTuber. His channel name is “Theodd1sout”. He is an animator and YouTuber. Robert hails from America. Likewise, he joined the social media platform in the year 2014. Since then, he has been growing continuously. Both as a content creator and as an animator. As a result, his fandom has peaked in recent years. Likewise, the paparazzi have become curious about his works and projects. In the meantime, the netizens have formed a group. This group is now searching a lot about Robert.

Robert James Rallison

On the other hand, the subscribers have gone snoopy to dig into Robert’s personal life. Likewise, they want to know if the YouTuber has been in a romantic relationship with anyone or not. Like every other celebrity, Robert’s life has fallen under the radar. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing Robert James’ life. Likewise, we will lift the curtains from his career estimates. Alongside, we will find out who is Theodd1sout is dating? Here’s what we have for you.

Who is Theodd1sout dating?

This has been one of the most asked questions about Robert James. Yes, you heard it right. People all over the world are keen to know who is he dating. Likewise, there have been many speculations about his sexuality as well. However, it is not easy for the paparazzi to point out anyone in his life. Likewise, the YouTuber has been silent on every question related to his dating life. As of now, Theodd1sout is not dating anyone. He is currently single. Likewise, he is very much focused on his career. Achieving success at a young age is not easy. Moreover, he wants to cherish this success.

Who is Theodd1sout dating?

Theodd1sout was rumored of dating Jaiden Animations YouTuber Jaiden Dittfach.

Earlier, he was linked up with a fellow YouTuber. Theodd1sout was speculated about dating Jaiden Dittfach. However, there was no confirmation about the news. It seems like this piece of news was a rumor. Neither of them stepped out to clarify the situation. As a result, the rumor was put off. As of now, no rumor is out on the internet related to his dating life. In the meantime, Robert was speculated about being gay. Due to his single profile. However, the YouTuber has made it clear that these speculations are baseless.

More about Theodd1out

Theodd1sout YouTuber Robert James was born on May 14, 1996. His full name is Robert James Rallison. He is the son of a famous American writer. Her mother is Janette Rallison. Robert hails from Chandler, Arizona. As of now, he lives in Glendale, California. This place is often regarded as the hub of YouTubers in America. He completed his studies at the Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona. Robert is an animator. His channel comprises videos based on storytime animations. As a result, his channel has been loaded with likes and shares.

More about Theodd1sout

Animator Robert James Rallison

As of now, Theodd1sout has over 16.8 million subscribers. Likewise, his channel has a total view count of 3,691,842,097. Robert did not learn to draw professionally. However, it was his dream to become a cartoonist since he was a kid. Over the years, his skills have developed drastically. As a result, Robert has emerged as one of the best YouTuber artists of the time. At the age of 25, Robert James is still moving forward with his dream of animation and becoming a cartoonist.

Who is Theodd1sout dating?

a still from Theodd1sout

He has published two books. His first publication was in the year 2018. It was titled “TheOdd1sOut: How to Be Cool and Other Things I Definitely Learned from Growing Up”. Likewise, his second book came out in 2020. It was titled “TheOdd1sOut: The First Sequel”. He has another YouTuber channel. It is titled “Theodd2sout”. The channel has a total of 2.76 million subscribers. It was created in the year 2017.

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